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Edward deBouter

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because of the many exposures it has and the way people interpret its end result, never the same in most cases. I was first exposed to jazz through a recording of Armstrong's, West End Blues, which I thought was fantastic. I have met while a young person, Don Burrows, John Sangster, George Golla, Scotty Amore, plus many others who used to come into the Palling's music store when I worked their, a long time ago that is. The best place for Jazz in Sydney was the Basement, where I first took my wife. The first jazz record I bought was a Duke Ellington/Bobby Hackett LP put out by the Goodyear Tyre Co. My advice to any new listener or musician is listen to what goes on around you,and you will appreciate and follow your own path. Or whatever else you have in mind.