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Gyle Waddy

Gyle is a man of many talents in the entertainment industry.

About Me

Gyle Waddy (pronounced as Geel) Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. I have been living in Europe for several years where I am still living - Brussels, Belgium. Unions: B.M.I./SABAM/Harry Fox Agency/A.F.T.R.A./A.G.M.A./A.E.A./S.A.G Languages: English, French & Dutch Education: Dunlap Elementry School Sarah Junior High: 1955-1958 John Bartram High School 1959: Graduated 1962 Los Angeles University: Graduated 1970 N.Y.C. various theatre, commercials schools 1973-1979 Switzerland: Theatre, Publicity 1974 Academy of Music of Brussels: 1981-1988 American Credits: Cabaret: New York to Los Angeles Cinema: "The Wiz" with Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Universal Pictures "Busting" with Charles Bronson, MGM/Turner Children's Theatre: "Freedom Train" -P.A.R.T. Company, etc. Publicity: Matteltoys; Lifesavers; Lincoln/Mercury, etc. Radio: The Eternal Light", etc. Television: Soaps - "Love of Life" with Christopher Reeves "Kojak", etc. Theatre: "J.C. Superstar"; "Hair", etc. Singer: with Harry Belafonte; BEl(Belafonte Enterprises, Inc.) Modeling: Print and Stage: Playboy Magazine; Levi's Sportswear European Credits: Cabaret & Concerts: Berlin, Moscou, Belgium, etc. Fashion Choreographer: Domino (RTBF- TV); Marie Claire Magazine; Cosmopolitan Magazine; Gianni Versace Fashion Model: Marlboro Clothing; Petra Nova Fashion Service - EM! Electrola GMBH Germany; Gianfranco Ferre; Flair Magazine, etc. Lyricist: As a lyricist Gyle has written and translated for many people with more than 700 songs in his catalogue Radio: "The Allen Berg Story" - BRT (Belgian Radio & Television) ) RTBF (Radio & Television Belgique Francophone Singer: My discography is very extensive. I have a group of four singers and a pianist for when I sings Gospel and Negro Spirituals. Singing Professor: I have been teaching voice production for several years. Theatre: "Belle à mourir"; "Soul Baby June" Voice-Overs: KDBI Radio jingle; BP (British Petroleum) Writer: As a writer I have written on different subjects. Music Producer: