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Heiko Eulen

With Doublebas I started the Real Thing.

My Jazz Story

First I grew up in a parents house with a lot of swing: from Buck Clayton, Oscar Peterson to Gerry Mulligan and the other Cats. In my early years I heard Jaco Pastorius - whow what a sound, what a groove! One time I sat in my room and heard the Weather Report release "8:30". The swinging Birdland and a Solopart from Wayne Shorter. I was so inspired that I took my classical acoustic guitar and played with Wayne in walking lines. I made a tape recording. It was great. I think in this moment it was the point to learn more about jazz. So I played in some jazz bands and after changing my homeplace to Kassel, Hessen, in Germany, I bought a double bass. In this time I played with a lot of musicians who have learned playing jazz with or for the american GIs in Germany and took part in the Big Band from the university of Kassel. My first records were Pink Floyd´s "Dark Side of the Moon" and Deep Purple´s "Made in Japan". In this time my favorite song was "Lazy" - swinging, bluesy with the Hard Rock attitude.