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Larry Koenigsberg

Musician, former DJ, reader with wide interests, hiker, mushroomer, works as an engineer.

About Me

I have been living in Oregon, almost entirely in Eugene, since 1969. Since then I've obtained BA and MA at the University of Oregon here, then worked briefly in day care and extensively in writing software to control machinery in the sawmill industry and to display data to truck drivers. I'm still involved with this last field, managing a small engineering group. Of greater personal interest, I've continued a process of self-education in various fields: playing a little jazz piano, hosting a jazz radio show, reading extensively in various areas (in history, medieval west Asian / eastern Mediterranean history, Native American, African-American, ancient Greek; in literature, mostly foreign fiction and poetry in translation), keying out the mountain wildflowers in the spring and summer and hunting mushrooms in Oregon's rainy autumn. I am enriched by my community as well as by the wider global cultural history lasting some thousands of years in which I participate with fascination and no small reverence. My son, Toby Koenigsberg, works at UO as Assistant Professor of Jazz Piano / Associate Director of Jazz Studies. ALL ABOUT JAZZ reviewed his latest CD at