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Anne Estoppey

Located on the westcoast of Norway, enjoying the moody weather which is perfect for free jazz and avant-garde gigs...

About Me

By moving to Stavanger, Norway, a bit more than a couple of years ago, I had no clue what I was stepping into. Knowing nobody in the little city (120'000 inhabitants), I immediately volunteered at the local jazz club. For selling tickets, and watching the fire escape ways at a few gigs, I got all the rest for free, so I went to all the concerts, since I had not much else to do in the evenings. I remember my first free jazz gig: a duo with Frode Gjerstad and Peter Brötzman in a local venue (an old brewery reused for gigs and other shows). I left after half an hour, my ears in pain... Nevertheless, I continued to attend free jazz gigs (impossible to do otherwise in Stavanger anyway), discovering on the spot drummer Paal Nilssen-Love, and bands like ATOMIC, Kornstad Trio, the duo PNL/Vandermark, FME and the different projects of Frode Gjerstad. After two years of this intensive ear treatment (and in addition visiting as much jazz festival as I could), I came to the conclusion that I became addicted to free jazz concerts... I have otherwise a Master degree in Earth Sciences, and i am working as a cartographer and geodata specialist. I am training martial arts, and organizing voluntarily a few gigs at StingJazzKlubb. My mother tongue is French.