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John Kennedy McCray

John lives and breathes for the creative energy that evokes positive change.

About Me

I'm just an old school artist trying to keep it real by never seeking perfection - just enlightenment through whomever, whenever and wherever it exists. Hopefully, I find like-minded friends along the way. My purpose is to share positivity and truth with as many people as possible through music, poems, art, news, and entertainment and hopefully, enlighten others as well. Companies: 2bfilms Productions: Screenplays, Soundtracks, Animation and Film - Direct Action Media Academy: Multimedia Empowerment of Dreams for Everyone.

My Jazz Story

All music is jazz in one form or another. Categories aside: Haven't we all heard Ella in every song ever played since we 1st heard her sing? Where did she get in from? Jazz is a confirmation that the origins of life, sound and spirit from the Motherland travels through every note played or sung since transcends eternally. It's never been "all about jazz," thankfully jazz will always be about the music.