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åge Riisnes

harlequins enigma is an all genre musician who have made great material with international guest artists!

About Me

I drew much inspiration from early 80s/90s+ hits in my heart & had a nice period in 2009 where many of the “skyscrapers” came to life. a romance had much to do with parts of it. in my early ophidian period, i was influenced by a vast number of artists. including amiga artists atjazz, øistein j. eide - boom jinx, jesper kyd, bjørn lynne, phenomena, jochen hippel & raphael gesqua. in addition i had a nice collection of audio cd’s like jean michel jarre - chronologie, vangelis - blade runner, pink floyd - the wall, limp bizkit, korn, p.o.d., tons of the best billboard music & classical pieces from beethoven, grieg, wagner & others. they were all part of my root elements. i also had an early heavy metal period with favourites at the time: metallica, king diamond, motley crue, ratt, whitesnake, rainbow, the clash & more + i grew fond of kenji kawai’s ghost in the shell soundtrack among others as my roots were made from early 1990’s to the next millenium. night pulse & the silhouette of dr. voodoo was based much upon heartbeat b.p.m. - but much of it drew juice from manga, metal etc, like alt. I am single, restless & had periods in my life where music was calling on me for strange reasons. it is sort of a puzzle. harlqeuins enigma mini secret birthday: 14.01.1971 weekday of birth: thursday birth time: 20:26 zodiac sign: capricorn chinese starsign: dog numerolgy number: 8 power animal: blue tit favourite drink: corona favourite dinner: beef with bernaice sauce & potatos favourite movies: harry potter, lord of the rings, star trek, star wars terminator series, alien series, demolition man, akira, ghost in the shell, escaflowne, bubblegum crisis tokyo 2040, oh my goddess, the mask, austin powers series, ace ventura series, total recall, predator series. favourite new age/electronica musicians: jarre, kraftwerk, vangelis, kitaro, depeche mode, brian eno favourite pop bands: lady gaga, britney spears, nelly furtado, kylie minouge, la roux, inna, madonna favourite r&b urban music: 50 cent, eminem, rihanna, snoop dog, alicia keys favourite jazz artist: jan garbarek In the beginning in 1991, i sat down with a new amiga & started experimenting on a program called startracker, i quickly swapped for protracker which was alot better. my first notes came in the x-it tune which was mixed in 2009 on a amiga 1200 where i live now, with a nice result. the amiga scene back in the 90`s was packed with exciting music & since most had or could afford an amiga it was easy to take a step into the music world sampling your 8 bit sound from cd`s or getting some shareware floppy disks. these 8 bit tunes will become a retro harlequins enigma line & will be eq`ed & enhanced & maybe multi-tracked, & some will even be re-made in studio with acoustic drums etc.. – this line will be called the harlequins enigma ophidian series. equipment used during those days was: ensoniq sq1+, ensoniq eps16+, ensoniq vfx, korg wavestation, korg m1, yamaha qy20, roland r-70, kawai k1-ii, kawai k4, roland jv80 & a sample cd. my last tune after starting was jazzy harlequin in 1997, and i felt i had gotten above an intermediate state i recall. i then went to school & got ill later – many a struggle it was but recovered. 4 years ago harlequins enigma was founded by me, & like 600 tunes was made during that 3 year period. we now look ahead & seek a record contract. in the beginning in may 2008, harlequins enigma had some involvement with maniacs of noise, but the cooperation ended shortly after, where åge riisnes, elin berge, sara jensen and a little later on katie leung did co-ops and sessions with klaus schulze, jean michel jarre, tangerine dream, jan garbarek, dave weckl, kitaro, vangelis, tori amos and several others. 430 16-bit tracks and 170 8-bit tracks were made in this period from may 2008 until february 2010. night lights was then released at tunecore in august 2010. in the two previous months they released twenty four music videos. the videos “sun moon stars” and “million thrills” were taken down due to a mix-up in katie’s name and an issue with øistein eide. sun moon stars have been re released at a later time. 31.12.2010 dark light is released via tunecore. 9 singles & 12 albums have been released since new year. albums are: ruby & jade photograph, lyra, stargazer, heartbeat, octagon volume 1. – the following 3 were best of albums in a series of 3 albums called “the journey of harlequins enigma” – released via & of course octagon volume 2. + lately “alt” on - harlequins enigma are now on - radio, hoping the world will spot them, & hope their material from octagon volume 2 is being taken seriously. with the release of “alt” & recently octagon volume 3, they seek third partys who might like their music. during the release of octagon volume 3, harlequins enigma have swapped distributor to zimbalam. december 2011 saw the release of dance single time dance. 2012`s budget release ophidians: caricature personalities was a breath of fresh air. recommends the track 90`s waves feat. jean michel jarre, sara jensen & elin berge under the leftfield genre for april 2012. during my 20`s, i was hospitalized & came in touch with the psychiatry division. a little later during medicination i came in touch with personell that talked to me, & to my surprise they communicated via telepathy one day in my mind. this became common as the years passed. i rely on some help now, but i am aware of that there exist enemies as well as friends on this mental matter. when i was 36 i started composing again & after a little while i got vistors, if you ask me why, i would have to say that it was the joy & inspiration from the composers that made them come to me mentally. everything i`ve made was done in my flat in bergen, norway. i hold the copyright to the material & i`m aware of the fact that i have evolved mentally & musically because of all inspiration & help in this period. at the same time i had enemies which have made my life a living hell. i have mentioned in despair tons of information around the subject at my homepage under a period of strong pressure. -åge riisnes

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because... jan garbarek`s words via the sax makes me moody & relaxed I was first exposed to jazz... in the 90`s during my amiga protracker period i heard many cool jazz tracks by various amiga artists. The best show I ever attended was... metallica - & justice for all tour in the early 90`s think The first jazz record I bought was... jan garbarek - i took up the runes & 12 moons My advice to new listeners... don`t be afraid to be impulsic in your music, a quick edit later is all there is to it. nevermind the blushing, things sorts themselves out :]