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    View Ian Tiele's All About Jazz profile

    I was first exposed to jazz in 1961 (at age 10) when I was in a shopping arcade in Southport, England with my parents. I fell in love with the music playing over the PA system; Take Five by the Dave Brubeck Quartet. After going through Rock 'n Roll, the Beatles and Heavy Metal/Hard Rock phases over the next eight or so years, I finally bought my first jazz album; We're All Together Again for the First Time by Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond and Gerry Mulligan. I was hooked on jazz, and still am 40+ years later.

    I moved from England to the USA in 2002, and founded the Brookfield Jazz Society in 2005.

    I became editor of the quarterly IAJRC Journalin 2012. The magazine goes to the worldwide membership of the IAJRC (International Association of Jazz Record Collectors) and many major libraries and educational establishments around the world.

    As well as being the editor of the IAJRC Journal, I write about jazz and review CDs, vinyl, DVDs and books on jazz.

    Published on: 2017-01-21
    View Sam Allen's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because of the freedom of expression within the structure of challenging rhythms, harmonies and melodies.

    The first jazz record I bought was Ron Carter's "Blues Farm."

    My advice to new listeners... listen with a open mind!

    Published on: 2017-01-20
    View Kevin Dorrian's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because it gives me freedom of expression.

    I was first exposed to jazz from the minute I was aware of my surroundings.

    I met Harry Connick, Jr.

    The best show I ever attended was Tony Bennett.

    The first jazz record I bought was Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out.

    My advice to new listeners: never stop expanding your horizons.

    Published on: 2017-01-19
    View Perry Alexander's All About Jazz profile

    I was first exposed to jazz when I was tiny. My earliest memory is watching Ella Fitzgerald scat on a Christmas special when I was no older than four. Like many who are from tiny towns, my first extended exposure was listening to the high school jazz band when I was a kid. For some reason I remember an arrangement of "Hey Jude" they did. My first real exposure was Stan Kenton in the Smithville, MO high school gym. Kenton and the band director there were old friends, so he would play there from time to time. My dad took me without telling me where we were going and it was the only show he ever took me to. I remember that Bobby Shew played Send In Clowns and I damn near levitated I was so excited. The huge sound and amazing chords floored me. I believe I was 13 at the time. I immediately started practicing and taking lessons. Music became a passion and nearly a career. I also listened to Dick Wright's Jazz Show on KANU every night. I can't even start to explain what I learned lying in bed listening to Dick talk about jazz. I met him once when I was struggling to put together a solo for Joy Spring playing in a combo at KU. Stopped by his office and asked for recommendations. He showed up at my jazz ensemble rehearsal the next day with a tape with example solos. What a kind man Dick Wright was.

    My advice to new listeners is to stop worrying about what music is important and focus on music you like. I spent quite a bit of my music life listening to important music I didn't necessarily like. Must say I have quite a bit more fun now listening to music that I deeply enjoy. Some of it is even important.

    Published on: 2017-01-18
    View Thomas Sibold's All About Jazz profile

    I was first exposed to jazz listening to my father's Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet records :-)

    Published on: 2017-01-17
    View Suzanne Roche's All About Jazz profile

    I was first exposed to jazz as a kid, when my dad played Charlie Parker and Stan Getz records. Now I produce a jazz series in the
    Bay Area.

    Published on: 2017-01-16
    View Dan McClenaghan's All About Jazz profile

    I've always loved music. One of my earliest memories is from 1956, my older brothers bringing home two brand new 45 rpm records: Elvis Presley's “Hound Dog” and Bill Haley and the Comets' “See You Later Alligator.” The animal themes appealed to this four year old. And the sound of Elvis' up-from-the-gut power and The Comets' shake-rattle-and-roll rhythm mesmerized me. Jazz came to me later, in 1968, via a friend's Chico Hamilton album, The Dealer (Impulse!, 1966). I was hooked. I still am.

    Published on: 2017-01-14
    View Paul Vornhagen's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because of its creative nature--the improviser becomes a spontaneous composer of musical phrases that fit into the harmonic structure. How cool is that? Jam on brother.

    I was first exposed to jazz when I started playing the flute and wanted to find instrumental music so I went to jazz and found Herbie Mann, Yusef Lateef, John Coltrane, Stan Getz, and others. I was hooked from the start.

    I met Yusef Lateef at a book signing in Ann Arbor. He was one of my earliest influences. Also Freddie Hubbard who joined a jam session I was playing at. Wynton Marsalis also who sat in with my quartet after his concert in Ann Arbor

    The best show I ever attended was Stan Getz at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor.

    The first jazz record I bought was Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane.

    My advice to new listeners is to listen carefully to how melodically the jazz improvisers play. How smooth and effortless it sounds.

    It is never too late to start playing a musical instrument. Follow your dreams and face your fears.

    Published on: 2017-01-13
    View Gerry Sanders's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz when it moves me emotionally, especially when it swings; it makes makes me smile. I play a bit, too, with a local big

    I was first exposed to jazz in the 4th grade. In high school I was lucky enough to see Dave Brubeck live twice and my music
    teachers brought me to two Sunday afternoon Count Basie performances in a local nightclub. Brubeck and Basie have been, along
    with the Duke later, my touchstones in Jazz: cool Brubeck and swinging Basie.

    Later in life, I volunteered to do Google Adwords for the Healdsburg Jazz Festival and in the course of time, I met Azar Lawrence,
    with whom I became friends. I saw Azar at Dizzy's in NY in 2012, one of my more memorable jazz performances. Great man,
    gentle soul, powerful sound.

    I used to host BackYard Jazz house concerts in Santa Rosa, CA. but I've moved on now. I still support Healdsburg Jazz Festival
    and use my BackYard Jazz newsletter to alert BackYard Jazz fans to local jazz performances. I also post to JazzNearYou.

    My advice to new listeners is listen with your eyes closed.

    Published on: 2017-01-12
    View Ryan Bedingfield's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because as a photographer it allows me to be creative while listening to great music.

    Published on: 2017-01-11
    View Michael Oelgeschlaeger's All About Jazz profile

    I love Post Bebop and Free Improvisation, because I find outstanding musicians, who really know their instruments and have the
    ability to extend the range of them beyond imagination. And all that in an appropriate way.

    Published on: 2017-01-10
    View Larry Gee's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because its Great!

    I was first exposed to jazz with Miles Davis "Bitches Brew."

    I met Chico Hamilton.

    The best show I ever attended was McCoy Tyner at Richards Lounge in Lakewood, NJ.

    The first jazz record I bought was "Bitches Brew."

    My advice to new listeners is put effort into listening to someone you like, then gradually expand you base of artists.

    And thanks All About Jazz!

    Published on: 2017-01-09
    View Dwight Jenkins's All About Jazz profile

    The best show I ever attended was Stanley Clarke in Reading, Pennsylvania.

    Published on: 2017-01-08
    View Christina Ramos's All About Jazz profile

    I was first exposed to jazz as a small child. My father had a very large music collection and it was almost all jazz.

    Published on: 2017-01-07

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