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    View David Freshman's All About Jazz profile

    I was first exposed to Jazz when a couple of dear friends of mine turned me onto it around 1971. I was already into Progressive music, R n' B, Soul, Motown, Latin Rock and other styles that were a great ladder to Jazz.

    Being a Musician myself, (Lead Guitar/Bass Guitar), I studied at the Dick Grove School of Music with Dick Grove, Jeff Richman and Lee Ritenour. This was around '84-'85. I started playing the Guitar in November 1967. Playing Guitar came quite naturally to me thank goodness. Though I spent hours upon hours practicing while my school buddies were doing Sports.

    It was in the early '70s that I really got into Jazz, Jazz Rock, Jazz Fusion and World Music. Seeing Weather Report, Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Larry Carlton, Steely Dan, John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, RTF, Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, VSOP, Freddie Hubbard and so many, many more amazing artists opened my eyes to the beauty and eloquent nature of Jazz. I really love the brilliant ensemble playing that is in Jazz!!

    When I play and write music, it blends so many style together. Many fans ask me why my playing sounds so "jazzy". It's because I understand "Blue Notes", the phrasing, the tonality, time signatures and more. I can also play Rock, Folk, Soul, R n' B and other styles too. I seem to gravitate more and more as I get older to a jazzier style. Currently I'm 62 years old. I have released 2 CDs world-wide. Working on my 3rd.

    I also teach Guitar/Bass/Music Theory to my students. They range from 6 years old to much, much older. (I was hired by the City of Aurora, CO to teach ages 6-13 specifically). Currently I teach 41 children in 5 classes. Additionally another 7 private students.

    My wife, Meesh, and I love Jazz dearly. It was one of the things that we share together!

    Most of the people that I know today do not "get" jazz. I try to explain what to listen for, but many times the music of Jazz is a bit much for them. So be it.

    In a nutshell, I live, breath and listen to Music 24/7. No TV except the Food Channel and Weather.

    I love John Kelman's articles. They are so insightful and well-constructed!

    Thank you all for doing what you do.

    Published on: 2018-10-17
    View Fancesca Odilia Bellino's All About Jazz profile

    I consider myself a fan of music. As for genres, I am omnivorous with a preference for improvisation and contemporary music. The first jazz CDs I heard were from John Coltrane and Freddie Hubbard. Since then, I have not stopped exploring the endless paths of research that free jazz was able to open. I write about music as a hobby and I am in the All About Jazz Italy Staff since 2002.

    Published on: 2018-10-16
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    I love jazz because it's honest.

    I was first exposed to jazz when my father brought a Buddy Rich/Gene Krupa album, I was 7 years old.

    I met Buddy Rich when I was 15, shortly before he passed.

    The best show I ever attended was Pat Metheny's "Secret Story" tour at the Midland Theater in Kansas City.

    The first jazz record I bought was Buddy Rich compilation from EmArcy records.

    My advice to new listeners is learn about the history of the music and also about song form.

    Published on: 2018-10-15
    View Joe Dimino's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because it's the language that makes the most sense. It's the song of history. It's the roar that calms the world down.

    I was first exposed to jazz with Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" on a trip to Seattle back in the early '90s. From there, it as bebop and the delightful caverns of jazz that
    opened up. Over the years, I have met many jazz cats via interviews for Neon Jazz and they have proved to be the finest people & most humble
    people on the planet.

    The best jazz show I ever attended was a gig by the SF Jazz Collective at Folly Theater in Kansas City.

    The first jazz record I
    bought was John Coltrane's "My Favorite Things".

    The best advice I can give to new listeners of Neon Jazz is to let the music happen and discover
    one of America's finest inventions... jazz. The unifying music language.

    Published on: 2018-10-12
    View Mr Lob's All About Jazz profile

    For me life is a "Jazz Thing" and the older I get and more deeper submerged into Jazz and all it's sub genres I become, the more I fall into it's all encompassing arms and it's rhythms become
    my daily rhythms and help form and inform my routines.

    Jazz has always been with me, always in the background, I just didn't recognise it until I was older and ready to let it envelope me in all its sounds, beauty and wildness.

    It is the sound of a heart beating, the pain and joy of life, the struggle for freedom, the struggle of the oppressed and to be heard, to break free, to strive and to feel alive.

    Published on: 2018-10-05
    View Hernani Heffner's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because of Miles Davis and Vitor Assis Brasil.

    I was first exposed to jazz seeing I Festival Internacional de Jazz de São Paulo in 1978.

    I met Ron Carter at Arpoador.

    The best show I ever attended was Miles Davis at Canecão in Rio de Janeiro.

    The first jazz record I bought was Memorial Clifford Brown.

    My advice to new listeners... Listen!

    Published on: 2018-09-18
    View Charlie Porter's All About Jazz profile

    My grandmother got me listening to jazz
    music as a young boy, but I wasn't really
    hooked until I heard Wynton Marsalis
    perform live, when I was 13 years old. My
    grandmother took me
    backstage to meet Wynton and he gave
    me a little lesson. He told me to go home
    and "listen to Louis Armstrong and play
    what you hear." I've been hooked ever

    Published on: 2018-09-14
    View Darryl Yokley's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because it allows for freedom of expression.
    I was first exposed to jazz by my parents.
    I met James Houlik in 1997
    The best show I ever attended was Jason Moran and the Bandwagon at the Village Vanguard.

    The first jazz record I bought was Charlie Parker West Coast Time.

    My advice to new listeners be open to everything and take it all in!

    Published on: 2018-09-13
    View Christine Theard's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because it makes my spirit soar.

    I was first exposed to jazz when I was a very small child.

    The best show I ever attended was Sonny Rollins, Jazz d'Antibes Juan le Pin.

    Published on: 2018-09-12
    View Brad Allen's All About Jazz profile

    I was first introduced to jazz through my high school stage band. Later
    my drum instructor gave me some Buddy Rich albums. He also took me to a
    Buddy Rich concert. That's when I really got excited about jazz, and
    knew that I wanted to be a jazz drummer. I spent many hours mastering
    control of the instrument, because as a young musician, I simply wanted
    to be able to play fast! Later, I became especially inspired by Max
    Roach, and the way he approached the drums much like a horn player
    would-by creating melodies on the drum-set. I'm still inspired by these
    players today, along with many other artists I listen to, both old and

    Published on: 2018-09-11
    View Jacqui Hettiarachchi's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because it speaks to my soul and it transcends me.

    Published on: 2018-09-10
    View Rob Wood's All About Jazz profile

    Music isn’t just music. It’s a cultural marker. My childhood home had an upright piano. Hello, Middle Class. I labored diligently over my
    Thompson piano course.
    However, I noticed that it was jazz that my trumpet-playing mother loved. Likewise our circle of friends who worked as promotional
    artists for the nearby Vega
    banjo factory. (Think Eddie Peabody.) It was jazz. They were riffing; they were improvising. And that’s what I still look for and love, be it
    Marquis Hill on the horn or
    Steve DiBonaventura on the banjo. Check him out: his “Joy Spring” will convince you that the banjo is not just for beer and peanuts. I, of
    course, still love playing
    my Vega four-string. Built in the 1920s, it’s my own personal cultural marker.

    Published on: 2018-09-09
    View Joe Rogoff's All About Jazz profile

    I was first exposed to jazz when
    I attended a Blood, Sweat & Tears concert at Madison Square Garden in 1970, and had no idea that the opener would be the Miles Davis Quintet. This was a couple of months after
    "Bitches Brew," which I had not heard. They just blew me away--I remember looking around at the audience and nobody knew what hit them.

    Published on: 2018-09-08
    View Bob Osborne's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because it constantly challenges my preconceptions about music.
    I was hooked over 40 years ago when a friend loaned me a copy of John Coltrane Live at the Village Vanguard and have collected jazz music regularly since then.

    I was lucky to be invited to get involved in radio around 9 years ago and since then have created a weekly Jazz show called "World of Jazz."

    Published on: 2018-09-07