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Jazz Stories

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    View Don Pope's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because it’s what sounds

    I was first exposed to jazz in my
    parents household and in school
    band hall.

    I appreciate many styles of jazz
    and shy away from really outside
    stuff. I enjoy relating to the

    One of the best shows I ever
    attended was 1975 Chick Corea’s
    Return To Forever tour at an
    intimate venue in downtown

    The first jazz record I bought was
    Herbie Hancock’s Chameleon.

    My advice to new listeners is try
    several styles before you decide
    what jazz is all about!

    Listen to music daily and stay open

    Published on: 2018-01-20
    View Mark Youll's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because of how swing makes me feel and the excitement emits.

    I was first exposed to jazz at an early age playing drums and through writing about jazz and drums for various outlets.

    I met Steve Gadd and was honoured to interview him twice!

    The best show I ever attended was Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at the Lincoln Centre Orchestra at Barbican in London (2015).

    The first jazz record I bought was Chick Corea Akoustic Band in 1990, an album I still adore for all kinds of reasons.

    My advice to new listeners is be open minded about the music, it crosses many boundaries.

    Published on: 2018-01-19
    View Lori Zuroff's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because it calms
    me and feeds my soul. It’s a
    beautiful story that never

    Published on: 2018-01-18
    View Jeffrey Uhrich's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because the music is so wide-ranging and diverse. it pushes boundaries while respecting old traditions. It can be subtle or in your face... simple and complex... there are no rules.

    I was first exposed to jazz as a teenager when I stumbled upon the local public radio station in my locale. There was a late night program devoted to jazz, and there was a live DJ that had a broad definition of the term "jazz." He would play lots of fusion as well as traditional tracks, and the occasional funk tune. It was all a little beyond me at the time, but the fusion and funk caught my interest. My journey into the jazz world had just started...

    The best jazz show I ever attended was Pat Metheny on the Secret Story tour. I've witnessed many other great shows, but this was my first real exposure to a live jazz setting and it made a real impact on me.

    The first jazz record I bought was Horizon by McCoy Tyner.

    My advice to new listeners is to keep an open mind. The jazz world is a "big tent" and there are many different types and styles. Many types of jazz are also an acquired taste... my appreciation of many styles of jazz, and artists/musicians as well, has grown over time, although my initial reaction to the music may have been negative or indifferent.

    Published on: 2018-01-17
    View John F Tillman Jr's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because it is real music, played by REAL musicians!

    Published on: 2018-01-16
    View Mari Mack Tamburo's All About Jazz profile

    I was first exposed to jazz at birth, through my Dad's big band records.

    Published on: 2018-01-13
    View Michael Rubenstein's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because ever since hearing it in the early '90s, it's been the most important aspect of my life. Listening to it, playing it, seeing it live. I LOVE JAZZ!!!!

    Published on: 2018-01-12
    View Fredrik Lundin's All About Jazz profile

    I was first exposed to jazz as a baby. If I was upset, my parents always new to calm me, by playing jazz. Especially "Jazz på Svenska by Jan Johansson. Lying in my dads lap, while he made conducting motions to the music of Jan Johansson was a sure way to make me happy again.

    Published on: 2018-01-09
    View Derrick Johnson's All About Jazz profile

    I love jazz because there is no expression of art like it anywhere else in the world.

    I was first exposed to jazz in 1971, my uncle was playing Freddie Hubbard's "First Light." I've been a fan ever since.

    I met Brandford Marsalis at the Savannah Music Festival in April 2015 and Cecile McLorin Salvant at a performance at the Alfred
    and Rosa Maniaci Theatre May 2015.

    The best show I ever attended was Gregory Porter at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival in 2017.

    The first jazz record I bought was Miles Davis "Kind of Blue."

    My advice to new listeners: Jazz is like wine, you have to try a lot of styles to find what you enjoy.

    Published on: 2018-01-08
    View Marcelo Berestovoy's All About Jazz profile

    I was first exposed to jazz from my dad's record collection that included Louis Armstrong, Django Reinhardt and The Modern Jazz

    Published on: 2018-01-07
    View Jean-Michel Tengang's All About Jazz profile

    My musical route to Jazz: Rock led me to Progressive Rock, then I discovered Jazz-Rock, Jazz seemed too soft, too boring, but I
    had an intellectual approach to music, like an explorer seeking to discover new territories, this behavior was rare in the Africa of
    my youth, I insisted, and little by little I began to like it, in all its forms, until Free Jazz.

    Published on: 2018-01-06
    View Thomas Earl's All About Jazz profile

    The first jazz record I bought was Buddy Rich, Big Swing Face. I recently attended Buddy Rich 100 at Ronnie Scott's, where
    Buddy's daughter Cathy sang "The Beat Goes On" with several original band members - it felt like
    coming full circle!

    My advice to new listeners is do not feel like there is music you "should" be listening to--just find something you enjoy and take
    it from there!

    Published on: 2018-01-04
    View Bobby Rodriguez Orchestra's All About Jazz profile

    I was first exposed to jazz in NYC. Even though, as a musician, I was playing & singing mostly R&B, after someone took me to
    see the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Big Band, followed by a concert with Ella Fitzgerald. I was hooked.

    Published on: 2018-01-02
    View Kevin Press's All About Jazz profile

    Like a lot of kids, I was excited to add U2's Rattle and Hum to my collection in the fall of 1988. I went straight to my bedroom,
    tore open the rectangular box that housed CDs in those days and powered up my disc player. Track 10 opened with Bono belting
    out "John Coltrane and A Love Supreme," which by coincidence was the other new CD in my shopping bag that day. The first jazz
    record I'd ever bought.

    I stared at the Coltrane disc as U2 ran through its lovely Billie Holiday tribute. I'd been introduced to A Love Supreme at a college
    radio station in Toronto known as CKLN-FM. It was a magical place that I would cling to for a decade, hosting - and more
    importantly - listening to as many radio shows as I could. I was lucky enough to learn about Coltrane and Miles at the same time
    I learned about Don Cherry, Nina Simone, Ornette Coleman and countless other avant-garde greats.

    Amidst that musical avalanche, Coltrane was my north pole. Three decades later, he still is. And A Love Supreme is the album I
    most often recommend to young music fans.

    Published on: 2018-01-01