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Martin Gladu

Martin Gladu is a guitarist, consultant and music publishing/licensing veteran.

About Me

"Music should not remind us of the control we seem to have over our lives. It should remind us of the necessity to surrender..." Keith Jarrett "Band feeling is more important than bravura" Jon Christensen "Love means to learn to look at yourself the way one looks at distant things. For you are only one thing among many. And whoever sees that way heals his heart, without knowing it, from various ills..." Czeslaw Milosz "Perhaps some of the wisdom to sputter and of being dumbfounded may be the inheritance that our spiritual culture ought to transmit to the next generations." Holderlin "The job of the producer is, very simply, to receive in the best conditions what he is given, and to give it back with the most transparency possible." Manfred Eicher "I proceed from the first sound to attempt to develop a musical continuity that will draw the listener into a world populated with a cast of sonic characters playing out an existence replete with all the emotions that could be suggested in a play or any work of literature." Ralph Towner "To understand is to equal" Raphael "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." Aldous Huxley "To have culture means being able to see things from someone else's point of view" Hegel

My Favorites

  1. John Coltrane "A Love Supreme" (Impulse)
  2. Kenny Wheeler "Gnu High" (ECM)
  3. Kenny Wheeler "Angel Song" (ECM)
  4. Kenny Wheeler "Widow In The Window" (ECM)
  5. Kenny Wheeler "Music For Large & Small Ensembles" (ECM)
  6. Kenny Wheeler "What Now?" (CamJazz)
  7. Keith Jarrett Trio "Still Live" (ECM)
  8. Keith Jarrett "Facing You" (ECM)
  9. Bobo Stenson Trio "Serenity" (ECM)
  10. Bobo Stenson Trio "War Orphans" (ECM)
  11. Bill Evans "His Last Concert In Germany" (Jazz Door)
  12. Steve Coleman "Def Trance Beat" (Novus)
  13. Dapp Theory "Y'all Just Don't Know" (Concord)
  14. Peter Erskine "Time Being" (ECM)
  15. Don Thompson "Forgotten Memories" (Roadhouse)
  16. Roy Patterson "Acadiana Suite" (Unity)
  17. Jean-Yves Thibaudet "Debussy's complete music for solo piano" (Decca)
  18. Alison Krauss - "New Favourite" (Rounder)
  19. Pierre Bensusan - "Intuite" (Favored Nations)
  20. Taylor/Swallow/Mirabassi - "New Old Age" (Egea)
  21. Glenn Gould "J.S.Bach's Goldberg Variations" (Sony Classical)
  22. John Taylor "Angel Of The Presence" (CamJazz)
  23. Chris Potter "Underground" (Sunnyside)
  24. Garbarek/Jarrett/Danielsson/Christensen - "Personal Mountains" (ECM)
  25. Ian Anderson - "The Secret Language Of Birds" (Fuel 2000)
  26. Anything by Franz Schubert