Doug Collette

DC writes regularly about rock and roll, jazz and the blues, composing reviews of CD's, DVD's, live performances, books and films, as well as conducting interviews.

About Me

As my ears become increasingly more finely-attuned to the art of improvisation. my passion for rock & roll, jazz and the blues grows by leaps and bounds. And with each successive year of that evolving process, I regularly rediscover what moved me to love hearing and watching musicians play in the first place, that is, the naturally dramatic theater and perpetual element(s) of surprise. I became interested in writing the same time I became interested in music beyond the Beatles. When I was in high school, I went to my first concert: the original Woodstock Festival. I've never lost my interest in writing or music fact my passion for both has grown. I have always been able to find an outlet for my writing, just as I've always been able to discover new bands who've reignited my love of and fascination for music, the greatest of all the arts !

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2016-07-16

I love jazz because at its root, it is all about possibility and potential. I was first exposed to jazz by my parents speaking in awed tones about Miles Davis. I met Phil Lesh, Charlie Hunter and David Hidalgo. The best show I ever attended was, bar none, The Who at Tanglewood, Lenox MA, (July 7 1970) The first jazz record I bought was In A Silent Way by Miles Davis. My advice to new listeners... take chances and be ready for surprise!

My Favorites

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