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Arian Bagheri Pour Fallah

Poet, ethnographer, essayist. Based in Europe.

About Me

Jazz... because Heraclitus, not Socrates. In the thick of formal thresholds, Arian Bagheri Pour Fallah has mobilized creative endeavors ranging from experimental poetry and acousmatic, 'patatonal music to essays on literature, contemporary classical, electroacoustic, and jazz music—from there, his adoption of the term transdisciplinary contra interdisciplinary, so as to stress transgression contra consummation, creation contra criticism. Oddly enough, Googling his name will hardly get you anywhere, for his inordinate use of pseudonyms over the years remains second only to that of Karl Marx. He is an avid listener of all American music that isn't Cage or 'minimal,' from Henry Cowell to Elliott Sharp, and calls for an ethnography of the ever-emerging European free improv. scene. His All About Jazz column, "Ethnographies of Jazz," follows this very given to the letter.

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2019-02-27

King Oliver opened the door for me, Mingus kept it open playing non-stop alongside, then Sharrock barged in, taking it all apart. The question is should we move in, out, or just linger at the doorway. And as it appears, every which way stands a queue—calling too in question the being of the house itself.