Matt Leskovic

Matt Leskovic is a trumpeter, writer, and a graduate of the Jazz History and Research MA program at Rutgers University.

About Me

Born in Rochester, NY, went to undergrad at Syracuse U, spent the next 4 years in Buffalo--I spent the first 25 years of my life along a stretch of 120 miles on I-90. Though seemingly limited in ways, it did give me a true fondness for snow, a discernible palate for chicken wings, love of the Orange, and an appreciation for a regional delicacy called the Garbage Plate. My love for music was instilled in me by my parents at a young age--the blues of Taj Mahal, the intricacies of the Beatles, and a Rolling Stones concert at age 10. Trumpet lessons began at age 9, my jazz studies commenced soon after (beginning with a solo on "Chameleon" in 5th grade jazz band--I'm sure a lot of you played the same arrangement) and they have yet to stop. In 2007 I received an MA in Jazz History and Research from Rutgers University, studying under Dr. Lewis Porter, Dr. Henry Martin, and Dr. John Howland. I currently live in Park Slope, Brooklyn and am freelance writing and playing my horn with whomever and wherever I can. See you all at the 55, the Vanguard, Smalls, Fat Cat, Smoke, or wherever the action is that night...

My Favorites