Sammy Stein

I was first introduced to jazz at Camden Jazz Festival and have loved it ever since. Writer for several columns and author of All That's Jazz major book. Currently commissioned by 8th House Publishers for new book ' Women In Jazz'. Covered live gigs for B

About Me

I am a writer and enjoy music of all kinds. I am author of All That's Jazz ( Tomahawk Press 2017) and currently have 2 commissions with 8th House publishers - the first ' Women In Jazz' is out Sept 2019 and the next is due Spring 2020. I have written books and many articles on bands and other subjects. I like many genres but freeform jazz and rock is the music that stirs me most. I ran the London Jazz Platform festival showcasing British, European and Nola acts.

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because... I was first exposed to jazz... I met [musician name]... The best show I ever attended was... The first jazz record I bought was... My advice to new listeners... Or whatever else you have in mind.