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History of Jazz Timeline


Using The Jazz Trope For Assimilation

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I read an interesting thing in the Harvard Gazette today. Hansung Ryu a cellist from Seoul who played a summer concert at Harvard said “If Harvard were an Aaron Copland song, it would be 'Hoe-Down'--difficult to play but very colorful and exciting." Ryu played selections from “Rodeo" at Harvard's Sanders Theater on August. 3. The Gazette quoted the cellist saying, “Whenever I play Copland, it makes me feel the way I do about America." Jazz is both a ...


History of Jazz Timeline: Roots of Jazz

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African and European Fusion African music featured complex cross-rhythms, slurs, melissma, falsetto, vibrato and simple melodies. Call and response form was employed. The leader would throw out a line and a chorus responded. Griots were African historians who kept complex records in their heads and related them via song. The Blues form may have derived from this West African culture. Derision songs were popular. European music featured complex melodies and ...


History of Jazz Timeline: Bibliography

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