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Troyk-estra: Live at Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2013

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UK trio Troyka have made significant and idiosyncratic progress with each successive release since their eponymous debut [Edition 2009] and its classic follow up Moxxy [Edition 2012] which added angular post punk guitar shapes to the signature mix of impressionistic keyboard, heavy guitar and prog influenced time changes. Great though both those sets were, nothing therein quite prepares the listener for the inspired madness of translating them to the trio's alter ego, the orchestral behemoth Troyk-estra at the May 2013 ...


Troyka: Moxxy

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The three young British players who constitute Troyka--guitarist Chris Montague, keyboard player Kit Downes and drummer Joshua Blackmore--keep many things simple on their second album, Moxxy. One-word band name, album title and song titles keep things nice and easy. The album cover--a faux '50s Russian propaganda poster and a departure from Edition Records' usual visual style--maintains this straightforward approach. The band doesn't apply the same policy to the actual music, though--Troyka is adept at creating tunes that mix funky grooves, ...


Troyka: Troyka

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London band Troyka--an energetic organ, guitar and drums trio--has collected a bundle of enthusiastic reviews for its live performances. The group has been tipped by some to become the next big thing on the British scene, a new Polar Bear or Portico Quartet for 2009, and expectations around the debut album have been high. In that event, Troyka falls short of the blockbuster that's been hoped for. It reveals a virtuosic and enjoyably inclusive band--embracing rock, jazz and dance music ...