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The Band Photographs 1968-1969

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The Band Photographs 1968-1969 Elliott Landy 160 Pages ISBN: # 149502251X Backbeat Books 2015 As much as the Band disavowed imagemaking, preferring to focus as strictly as possible on their music when they emerged from the shadows Bob Dylan's backing ensemble, when embarked upon their own career, they definitely nurtured a distinctive collective persona and the photography of Elliott Landy, in the midst of an illustrious career that found him capturing the essence ...


The Band: Pioneers of American Music by Craig Harris

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The Band: Pioneers of American Music Craig Harris 214 Pages ISBN: #978081089040 Rowman & Littlefield 2014 It is difficult, if not impossible or unadvisable, to consider Bob Dylan and The Band separately. Theirs was an artistic event horizon that changed much of music afterwards. Writer and percussionist Craig Harris has lovingly committed to pixels The Band: Pioneers of American Music, the thoroughly researched and considered story of the Band, and necessarily, its ...


Bob Dylan and The Band: Down in the Flood

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Bob Dylan and The BandDown in the Flood: Associations and CollaborationsChrome Dreams2012Unless the man himself and the remaining survivors of The Hawks reveal their recollections, the work and play in which Bob Dylan and the Band engaged in Woodstock New York late in 1966 and 1967 will forever be swathed in mystery. This despite the best efforts of the filmmakers who created Down in the Flood, covering (almost) exhaustively the cycle of ...


The Band: Rock of Ages

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I'd rather die happy than not die at all... The BandEven its name is an enigma--The Band: a collection of four Canadians and one Arkansan, born to back up another Arkansan, Ronnie Hawkins, as “Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks," then Bob Dylan and then to exist as their own entity--The Band. Five disparate and different individuals who united for a decade, helping define it musically by producing music so much part of the North American collective ...


Odyssey the Band: Back in Time

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The significance of James “Blood Ulmer's Odyssey trio is a bit of backhanded praise. It's a good band for sure, but its value is enhanced by the fact that Ulmer has rarely had standing bands worthy of his potential. He should have had stronger projects and more great records, considering what a great guitarist he is. In 1983, when Odyssey the record showed up, Ulmer was on the rise. Having released the landmark Tales of Captain Black in 1978, he ...


Odyssey the Band: Back in Time

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Guitarist/vocalist James “Blood Ulmer has managed to recreate himself as a bluesman in the last few years, as he convincingly demonstrated on last year's Birthright (Hyena). On that set of unaccompanied solo pieces, Ulmer somehow made his wildly unique unison tuning and Ornette-derived harmolodic sensibility sound like the very essence of the blues. It was the best blues recording in years.Yet Ulmer is much more than a blues player. His playing on seminal albums like Tales of Captain ...


The Band: A Musical History

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The Band A Musical History Capitol/EMI 2005

A Musical History is at once as unassuming and all-encompassing as the name of the group it anthologizes, The Band. With each successive compilation devoted to the group, beginning with the two-CD set To Kingdom Come (subtitled definitive), then the three disc package Across the Great Divide, more detail appears in the story before during and after the group assumed their given name (from the ...


Orrin Evans/The Band: Live at Widener University

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Live At Widener University, a two-disc set by The Band, led by pianist and educator Orrin Evans, exemplifies cohesiveness, and shows just how exciting jazz can be when a gathering of stellar musicians step up to the plate and knock it out of the park. “Two Faces of Nasheet," composed by drummer Nasheet Waits' father, Freddie, opens with a straight-up theme, then quickly branches off into what Evans likes to call “structured confusion." Tenor man J.D. Allen, Waits ...


The Band: Rock of Ages Deluxe Edition

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A superb re-rendering with outtakes that were such for a reason. Reissues and Remastered recordings are important because they provide themselves and the artists that created them an opportunity for reconsideration, often at a time where hindsight is available and productive. Last year, I completed my survey of The Ten Best Rock Live Recordings and The Band's Rock of Ages was justly included in the number three spot. Ahead of The Band were the Allman Brothers Band's The ...