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Steve Hudson Chamber Ensemble: Galactic Diamonds

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Some people favor the big statement: the bling of an over-large jewel, the blinding distraction of too many sparkly things. Others have the good taste to know that the small stones shine most brightly. Pianist, composer and melodica player Steve Hudson is one of those people, and the debut recording from his Steve Hudson Chamber Ensemble, Galactic Diamonds, is a collection of little gems. The idea of a Chamber Ensemble might suggest a classical aggregation; as does ...


Steve Hudson's Outer Bridge Ensemble: Seamless

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While Steve Hudson is still the group's nominal leader, their name has evolved from the Steve Hudson Quintet on Outer Bridge (Self Published, 2005) to its current Steve Hudson's Outer Bridge Ensemble on this equally engaging sophomore release, Seamless. The total time (forty-one minutes) might be on the short side, but there is nary an extra note and you end up wanting more. The quintet has remained intact, which is saying something in these times, but with ...


The Steve Hudson Quintet at 55 Bar

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Steve Hudson Quintet 55 Bar New York September 13, 2005

Having had the good fortune to review Outer Bridge by The Steve Hudson Quintet, I jumped at the chance to get to an early weekday show on September 13th at 55 Bar, located at, not surprisingly, 55 Christopher Street in West Greenwich Village, NYC. The show started at 7:00 pm and there were two sets, ending at around 9:15 pm, so I had plenty ...


Steve Hudson Quintet: Outer Bridge

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Outer Bridge is the first release from the Steve Hudson Quintet. Their music is hard to categorize because, as their website says, “their original music aims to warp and fuse various styles of music--jazz, rock, Indian music, classical, funk--into something that inspires through deep grooves and searching improvisation." Hudson extends this, saying, “SHQ was created to be a vehicle for experimenting with different musical ideas. We wanted to create an ego-free environment where we could try out different concepts and ...