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Leroy Jones: A New Orleans State of Mind

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“I'm not sure but I think all music comes from New Orleans.“--Lee DorseyWhile New Orleans may not be as popular as some of her sisters to the North, her personality and charm are second to none. She is as diversified as the people who live within her boundaries. Though she is indelibly linked with the unwanted visits from her ill-mannered and tempestuous cousins Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Ike; she has proven to herself and the world ...


Leroy Jones at The Living Room

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Leroy Jones at The Living Room Sheraton Grande, Bangkok September 28, 2006

The Living Room is an odd-looking place. It resembles the bridge on the Enterprise from Star Trek, with its circular form; the seating arrangements are not dissimilar either and then there is the big window, although instead of dark space and asteroid fields the visitor sees Bangkok's Sky-train whiz by. The Living Room beats the bridge on two scores; firstly, there is a ...


The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra Featuring Leroy Jones: The Power and the Glory: A Salute to Louis Armstrong

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We’ve heard a number of recorded tributes to Louis Armstrong during the centenary of that renowned Jazz pioneer’s birth but none more captivating than this one by the superb Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra and guest trumpeter Leroy Jones. Louis is gone but his indomitable spirit lives on in stylists like Jones, born and bred, as was Armstrong, in New Orleans and enraptured by the Crescent City’s musical traditions. But even though he’s an ardent admirer of Satchmo, Jones is no ...