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Josh Kyle / Sam Keevers: Songs Of Friends

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It's a simple concept. Josh Kyle's voice, Sam Keevers' piano and a selection of Songs Of Friends. It's a beautifully executed concept though: voice, instrument and compositions blend together in a worthy tribute from the young Australian vocalist. Kyle's friends are all Australian jazz musicians and writers. He's taken their tunes, added his own lyrics and joined with Keevers--a long-time inspiration--to breathe life into the resulting songs. There's two tunes by Keevers, three from saxophonist Sean Coffin, one ...


Josh Kyle: Possibilities

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Possibilities, the debut album from singer Josh Kyle, is modestly titled. Although he's still only 24 years old, the Australian-born/London-based artist is not merely a singer with possibilities; he's already a mature and innovative vocalist and lyricist. Kyle's chosen an out-of-the-ordinary mix of songs, combining classics with originals and adding his own lyrics to tunes by such master composers as Herbie Hancock ("Proof") and Wayne Shorter ("Is It Yes Or Is It No"). The choices indicate that ...