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Eric Bibb: Migration Blues

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Eric Bibb says in the sleeve note to Migration Blues, his most politicized album to date: “The way I see it, prejudice towards our brothers and sisters who are currently called 'refugees' is the problem. Fear and ignorance are the problems. Refugees are not 'problems'--they are courageous fellow human beings escaping dire circumstances." Not the way Donald Trump sees it. Bibb, probably America's most important folk blues artist, shouldn't have much to fear from ...


Eric Bibb: The Happiest Man In The World

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Like his mentor Taj Mahal, Eric Bibb plays and sings acoustic country blues in praise of the simple things in life. He doesn't go in for flashy solos or what used to be called “the old moody." His career spans five decades and this is 36th album. In “Prison of Time," the best, most heartfelt song on it, he sings: “One day becomes another / So quickly, I'm left behind." His songs are superbly well crafted and ...


Eric Bibb: Deeper In The Well

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Eric BibbDeeper In The WellDixie Frog2012As bluesman Willie Dixon affirmed, you can't judge a book by looking at its cover. But you often can from reading the first paragraph. Switching your receptors from visual to audio, so it is with the first few bars of an album's opening track. And as the New Orleans-infused funk of singer and guitarist Eric Bibb's “Bayou Belle" snakes its way out of the speakers, its poise ...


Rockin' Blues Revue: John Mayall / Robben Ford / Eric Bibb

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Rockin' Blues Revue Flynn Performing Arts Center Burlington, Vermont November 16, 2005

The Rockin' Blues Revue that appeared on the Flynn Performing Arts Center's main stage on November 16 evoked a hearty response from blues fans and guitar hero-worshippers alike. Yet before the comparatively short show was over, the packaging of the three artists together did as much to accentuate the respective shortfalls of the presentation as illustrate the diversity of styles that ...


Eric Bibb/Rory Block/Maria Muldaur: Sisters and Brothers

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Behold, how good and how pleasant for brothers and sisters to dwell together in unity. —Psalm 133.

I will be damned if I know what biblical translation was used for this quote. But that is no matter. Three journeyman artists have joined forces to bring the sensual and the divine together under the same roof and celebrate them. Eric Bibb, Rory Block, and Maria Muldaur cast a new light on the spiritual and mostly with success.


Eric Bibb: Good Stuff

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Barrelhouse piano, loose acoustic rhythm guitar, stand-up bass, and down home vocals characterize Eric Bibb's 1997 recording. Originally released on the Opus 3 label and recently reissued by EarthBeat! Good Stuff is commonly characterized as “country blues" or “southern folk blues" and centers on Bibb's warm, sincere singing. He's a gentle man with a knack for preaching the blues and insuring that you'll want to listen.

The piano, bass and drums of Janne Petersson, Olle Eriksson, and Bjorn Gideonsson (respectively) ...