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Badal Roy: Keeping the Groove

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India-born tabla player Badal Roy has spent the past four decades playing with some of jazz's greatest giants, including John McLaughlin, Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman. He has been playing with fellow On the Corner alum Michael Henderson, as part of the Miles from India tour. Backstage before a recent concert at the Iridium in New York City, he shared stories of Miles and the musicians who influenced him.All About Jazz: When did you start playing tabla?


Badal Roy / Perry Robinson / Ed Schuller: Raga Roni

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When jazz listeners think of the tablas, only a few players immediately come to mind--Badal Roy, Zakir Hussain, and possibly the late Collin Walcott (from the group Oregon). Of them, Roy's resumé within jazz circles is certainly the most significant, with timeless contributions to the groups and recordings of Miles Davis (e.g. On The Corner, Big Fun ), fellow Miles band mate Dave Liebman, Ornette Coleman's Prime Time, Pharoah Sanders, and clarinetist Perry Robinson, who was actually one of the ...


Badal Roy - Ken Wessel - Stomu Takeishi: Daybreak

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The core of Daybreak features the imaginative teaming of guitarist Ken Wessel, the infamous Indian percussionist Badal Roy both members of Ornette Coleman’s “Prime Time”, and bassist Stomu Takeishi who has performed and toured with Henry Threadgill among others. Besides stints with famous bands, these gentlemen are highly regarded session musicians whom individually, can boast of fairly extensive and impressive resumes. On Daybreak the menu consists of jazz, world music and improvisation as the overall congenial disposition and uplifting groove ...