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Cecile McLorin Salvant with the Aaron Diehl Trio at Dazzle

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Cecile McLorin Salvant with the Aaron Diehl Trio Dazzle Denver, CO November 10, 2017 Cecile McLorin Salvant with the Aaron Diehl Trio. Two acts for the price of one? Two different artists welded together for the sake of a concert? Hardly. Salvant has been performing with Diehl and his trio for some time, not only in concert, but in the recording studio as well. Friday night at Dazzle, they played as one cohesive unit; a ...


Iñaki Sandoval: Estonian Suite: Live In Tallinn

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Berklee educated Spanish pianist and composer Iñaki Sandoval moved to Estonia from Barcelona to take up a post as Director of PhD studies at the Viljandi Culture Academy, University of Tartu. The move from the warm and sunny south of Europe to the no-less-beautiful but somewhat colder Baltic state seems to have kick started a period of intense creativity. Sandoval recorded Estonian Suite: Live In Tallinn at his concert in the Estonian capital in March 2017, part of the Iberofest ...


Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine

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The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine Joe Hagan 560 Pages ISBN: # 1101874376 Knopf 2017 If Jann Wenner, the subject of Sticky Fingers, wasn't such a devoted fan of the Rolling Stones (after whom he at least partially named the magazine he founded), Joe Hagan might've equally aptly titled his biography of the man after Kris Kristofferson's song “The Pilgrim," two lines of which appear to capture the ...


Four Beethoven Symphony Cycles – Blomstedt, Blunier, Weil, and Martynov

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My opinion may be little better than the layman's, but I believe it is incorrect to consider Beethoven's cycle of nine symphonies the 'bedrock of western music." It is not. The bedrock of western music was beginning to be established with the plainchant of the sixth century, evolving through the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical periods, where it emerged, transformed, as the creative monolith that was Beethoven. Beethoven was the musical equivalent of sacred prophecy become manifest. This is why there ...


Phil DeGreg: Queen City Blues

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Jaunty recordings like pianist Phil DeGreg's latest Queen City Blue are what we all need from time to time to just kick back and catch our breath for a few minutes or drive from here to there without all the pressing needs, traffic roadblocks, and political wrong-headedness closing in. No grand statements, no big names. Just three trusted, Ohio-based jazz journeymen, exponents, advocates, and devoted educators--DeGreg, along with studied bassist Aaron Jacobs and solid time keeping from drummer John Taylor--playing ...


Richie Cole: Latin Lover

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Last year alto saxophonist/arranger Richie Cole released an album called the Many Minds of Richie Cole. Latin Lover could easily have carried the same title. There are indeed many minds in Cole's head-- often seemingly incompatible with each other. Several of them are in this CD. Cole was grabbed out of Berklee School of Music by Buddy Rich, who needed a replacement for Art Pepper in his big band in 1969 and after being featured with Rich and ...


Burning Ghosts: Reclamation

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Reclamation is Burning Ghosts second album and first for John Zorn's Tzadik label. Based in Los Angeles, the band's fire and brimstone-like overtures are seated in doom metal-jazz along with renegade fuzoid bop movements. The musicians dole out sheets of torrential soundwaves via fluently enacted unison runs and booming cadenzas that spark a tidal wave of fun factors on a recurring basis. Led by gifted trumpeter Daniel Rosenboom and nascent guitar hero Jake Vossler, the group's intense modus ...


Enzo Pietropaoli: The Princess

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It can be risky for jazz musicians to play pop songs. They have to navigate the memories that each composition holds for the listener while also making the music distinctive and personal. Miles Davis could do it with Michael Jackson's “Human Nature" and Cyndi Lauper's “Time After Time," and of course Sonny Rollins can make any popular song his own. Add to that list, Enzo Pietropaoli. The bassist has been exploring popular music with his quartet, which has released three ...


Bjorn Meyer: Provenance

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Bassist Björn Meyer strongly believes that there are multiple functions for bass. Born just outside of Stockholm, he started out playing piano and some guitar but when he randomly picked up a bass, he realized that he had found his instrument. Self-taught, he had been inspired by the diverse styles of Marcus Miller and Jaco Pastorius. Meyer came to prominence playing a style called Trip Folk with the Swedish group Bazar Blå and with the jazz-oriented European trio featuring reed ...

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