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I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it... —Jonathan Winters

It seems to be a realistic position to assume that much of the potential possibilities of online music have not yet even been fully explored.

This series illustrates that to simply limit such considerations to the fact that the Internet has not exactly lived up to most any music professional's expectations as a means of selling thousands of CDs would be short sighted at best. So, I say keep playing live and use the online resources too!

Breaking Down Barriers

Yes, there are still the countless number of professional-level independent artists who have been discouraged by MP3 sites, Internet radio stations, and online record stores - all promising exposure to millions of people. Most of us have learned that the Internet can be a relatively economical and valuable supplement toward opportunities for both, well-known label artists and independent musicians alike.

Nonetheless, this series and the featured musicians in this series have also raised another possible consideration. Could we perhaps be missing the true opportunities that the World Wide Web and Internet have to offer musicians?

This particular musing about the use of the Internet for Online Musical Collaborations simply illustrates a couple of practical ways that real practicing full-time musicians can and do benefit from access to an available 21st Century technology.

Mike Metheny illustrated in Part 1 that long-distance collaborations have been happening for many years among established artists. Kyle Whitlock presented a real life scenario in the 2nd Part of this series, where pro players living in distant and relatively minimal jazz community environments can still create jazz music with peers - using the Internet. And finally in Part 3, Mathias Claus demonstrated that collaborative partnerships could grow to the point of the musicians actually performing together in live concert situations.

The Internet and Musicians

A gloriously triumphant aspect about the work that the featured artists, and many others like them, are doing is the fact that they have taken the initiative where their own musical talents, opportunities and fortunes are concerned.

These artists seem to epitomize that famous Jonathan Winters quote: 'I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it.' I think that this is what the Internet can be about for any musician. Creating your art unimpeded, bringing the music to others, and still 'dancing like no one is watching'. Isn't that what the spirit of jazz is about too?


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