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The Friday Morning Listen: Brian Eno - Ambient 1: Music for Airports (1978)


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By Mark Saleski

What is it about a vacation? Let's say that there's just the two of you, a house, no kids. Then, you go on vacation, arriving at your destination spot. So now the house has been swapped for a nice hotel room with a view (in our case, a view of the side of an old warehouse, but no matter...). Why does it feel so different? So relaxing? Is it just because the responsibilities of daily life have been put on hold? That must be it, because I have no further explanation. Seriously, I can be just as much of a slacker sitting there in my antique house as I can right here in this hotel room.

Somehow, we are in full relaxation mode. Books, music, a little scotch, etc. Heck, we even watched some tee-vee. Oh yes, all of those political ads? Amazing, you can just about feel your brain shrink. Yeesh.

This morning, we're listening to Eno's Music For Airports. It has become a vacation tradition. There's something about the slowly-evolving patterns of sound the seem to reveal more detail on each listen...and I've been listening to this for years.

That's another one of life's musical mysteries: that there are pieces of music that a) you never get tired of and b) seem to be a little different each time. Does the mystery need to be “solved"? Nah, I'll just take the benefits. Later today, after various book and record store adventures (and a food adventure too), I'll be sitting in this chair watching the colors and shadings pass on the facade of that old warehouse across the way. What's that line from The Big Chill? “Sometimes you just have to let art flow over you."

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