Vagif Mustafa Zadeh

Vagif Mustafa Zadeh

Musicians | Instrument: Piano

Mr. Mustafa Zadeh is an extraordinary pianist. It is impossible to identify his equal. He is the most lyrical pianist I have ever known.

—Willis Conover VOA Jazz Hour, Tallinn, 1967

Updated: June 19, 2023

Born: March 16, 1940 | Died: December 16, 1979

Vagif Mustafa-Zadeh - jazz composer and pianist, is among those rare musicians who could play and perform in any manner. Vagif attracts listeners by his originality, superb technique and harmonies all his own. Besides writing a number of his own jazz compositions and arrangements, Mustafa-Zadeh composed Concert for Piano and Orchestra being a great success. At the International Jazz Compositions Competition in Monaco 1978 V. Mustafa-Zadeh won the First Prize for the piece "Expecting Aziza".

Vagif Mustafa Zadeh was the art director of jazz-trio "Kaukas", "Leyli", "Sevil", "Mugam" jazz ensemble. He died on stage, just after he'd played his favorite piece, the Gerschwin tune "The Man I Love".


1 Prize for the piece "Waiting For Aziza", Monaco 1978, International Compositions Competition.


"Vagif Mustafa Zadeh was a great Genie, but I think he was born before his time. Vagif's music is from another planet... It's the Music from the Future." Dizzy Gillespie, Washington, 1988.

"Vagif's music wonderfully modern... It's like a tale narrated by Sheherezadeh on the 1002 Night... " --Jan Johansson, Tallinn 1967.

"Vagif Mustafa Zadeh is one of the finest pianists in the world." --David Becker, President of IAJE (International Association of Jazz Educators).



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