Shuffle Demons

Shuffle Demons

Instrument: Band/orchestra | Location: Toronto

The Shuffle Demons is a hard-driving, powerful jazz group; well known in their homeland of Canada for their signature stage performances.
—Ivan Rod, Denmark

Updated: March 12, 2021

Active since: 1984

The Shuffle Demons leaped onto the scene in 1984 with an electrifying musical fusion that drew from Sun Ra, Charles Mingus, Run DMC and the Beastie Boys. This genre bending, visually entertaining, virtuosic jazz funk group have nine CDs, 2 hit videos, several music awards, toured 25 times in Canada, 5 in the US, 17 in Europe, Caribbean, Central and South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Shuffle Demons are excited to release their 9th album, crazy time. The album includes 10 original Shuffle Demons songs, seven instrumental and three vocal. The album also introduces new and virtuosic Shuffle Demons Matt Lagan on tenor sax and Mike Downes on bass as well as demons regulars Kelly Jefferson on sax, Stich Wynston on drums and Richard Underhill on sax and vocals. Returning for this special 35th Anniversary recording are founding Demons Mike Murley on tenor sax and Jim Vivian on bass! This is a dynamic new album that features in from the outside writing, virtuosic playing and the classic and unique Shuffle Demons sound.

The Shuffle Demons are a high-energy Canadian band that blends virtuosic jazz and funk playing with eye-catching costumes and over the top stage antics to produce an incredible show. A hit at festivals all over the world, the Shuffle Demons are a crowd pleasing, full-on musical group that backs up wild stage antics with phenomenal playing by some of Canada's most talented musicians.

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