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Saulo ferreira started playing in  Brazilian churches till  17 when started playing professionally in brazil on Brazilian clubs, national theatres, jazz festivals,radios,funarte circuit.and tvs.and with around 700 compositions to his credit and MrFerreira created the sosfreejazz  movement in his own homestudio  in miami and as a producer , recorded , mixed , mastered ,more than( 800 avant garde free jazz albums & singles  over many years most solo piano, duos, trios and virtual orchestral compositions  using synth and samplers  with collective collaborations of  beautiful and great musicians from different nationalities  and tendencies' Mr Ferreira loves chess on the sideline and obtained a official(fide  AIM  chess master title  )Mr Ferreira besides his own solo performances ,studio work also  performed as a side man in countless venues for more than 40years on a professional jazz career and has played and recorded  with many amazing and legendary jazz musicians from Brazil , Us, Uk, latin america,Russia etc as here is a few' ;,, Dom um romão brazilian jazz trio, quartet,quintet.,,, Blaise siwula free jazz quartet' , , ,Morris wilson (sax) jazz quartet   (Mn),..  Noah brandmark"sax" jazz quartet ,,,, ,Garry Berg"sax" jazz quintet (Mn)..Rozanne Levine  free jazz duo and quintet; ..Stuart king freejazz quartet   ,Carlos averhoff'Sax' jazz quartet ,... arthur barron"sax" jazz quartet, nicole yarling"violin" avant garde jazz projects , phil  hargreaves"sax"free jazz project, Paul yack jazz quartet, Russel Freeland jazz quartet' recodings projects' Tom swaysy jazz quartet' Jerry head free jazz quartet projects' james walton free jazz quartet  project, gabriel vivas jazz trio live and quartet recordings' 
free jazz project , pery ribeiro (duo)...,carlos malta"sax,flute" avant garde free jazz project.... patato valdes latin brazilian fusion quintet ,,,Jamie Ousley brazilian jazz trio ,Nestor Torres brazilian jazz group with teco cardoso UM fest concert  '  ,gary keller"sax: jazz quartet ,sammy figueroa and brazilian jazz quintet,,,, widor santiago "perequito"sax" jazz quartet ,bobby thomas jr jazz trio ,claudio jaffe"cello" avant garde free jazz project ,Dede Briscoe jazz quartet, Jair rodrigues miami concert , ,Tim maia miami concert ,carlos averhoff jr jazz quartet,gary campbell brazilian jazz quintet' ,mark kumichjazz quartet   ,mauro senise jazz quintet , bebel gilberto brazilian jazz quartet miami concert ,tom mccormick"sax" jazz quartet ,,eric alisson jazz quartet,johnny padilla and brazilian jazz quintet ,jason hainswhorth jazz duo ,walmir gil brazilian jazz quartet and duo recordings ,robert grabowsky (bebob) jazz trio ,tim sparks guitar duo,trio,  and mandala group (Mn),ary piassarollo brazilian jazz trioquartet, quintet ,marco pereira duo at mistura fina brazil ,nelson faria live duo ,, free jazz album and avant garde   collective album  ,lula galvao quartet with vocalist gloria maria and  free jazz duo album project ,claudio spivak brazilian jazz quartet,vanessa falabella brazilian jazz quartet ,rozanne levine free jazz quintetalbum,claudio celso brazilian jazz estudio '' live  collaboration with vocalist tonia elizabeth   ,tim sparks with  mandala at artists quarter  (MN) plus jazz duo , jazz trio trio  ,mike bishop jazz fusion quartet  , ney rosauro brazilian and  jazz duo, ,ian maksin avant garde duo and collective albums , live library concerts   ,larry dunna jazz trio ion muniz collective brazilian jazz concert,inner court jazz fusion group,claudio celso studio and  live collaborations ,boka jazz trio,brazilian knigts jazz group live at o hara`s jazz club , don wilner quintet, jim peluso jazz trio,hot coffee jazz,  mark kumich,,beatriz mulnich brazilian jazz quartet,mandala group, ,luciano flaming,rich caruso jazz quintet,ary piassarolo,archie penha brazilian jazz trio, quattour jazz quartet,jim chapek free jazz trio ,,gary campbell brazilian jazz quartet at mo` jazz cafe cafe,rainforest brazilian jazz quartet live at news world cafe ,ariadna moreira brazilian jazz trio at keybiscayne,,eric alisson  jazz quartet,sammy figueroa brazilian jazz quintet at van dyke , leo brooks jazz trio live at miami beach ,  stuart king and sosfree jazz live and album recrdings with pocho acuna and sergio caiazzo'  rozane levine free jazz quintet collective free jazz project' Mike Gerber and brazilian jazz quartet live on miami beach' 
 , gaf jazz trio (Br),tony moreno jazz trio and quartet at artist quarter Mn mo morgen jazz quartet, mary ann o dougherty  brazilian jazz quintet  live with   tim okeefe,aquarela  miami choro group, ted wheeler and cellist francesca wheeler, clovis do trumpet brazilian  jazz quartet' ,damelis de  venezuela concert at national theatre (Br), leo cassino jazz quartet,sandra sa miami concert , ,paulinho trumpet, ricardo mattos jazz duo ,sergio caiazzo  jazz and avant garde   quartet , donizzety brazilian jazz quartet' ,belchior live at london tavern pub brazil, mauricio tapajos live at london tavern pub brazil,jomo jazz live in miami beach' , luis airao live in miami , wanderleia live concert in miami ,valeska rainha da fossa live in miami beach ,cachaca brazilian jazz quartet with vocalist tonia elizabeth  ,city ligths jazz miami jazz boat project,Howard Moss jazz trio with many guests' ,jaime ernest dias,beatriz mounich brazilian jazz quartet ,linda novitt jazz quartet  and such productions,jazz mosqueters quartet, paulo andre tavares  live brazilian jazz at amigos bar',bomba latin jazz quintet MN,jonh speck jazz 
quartet,jose rubens quartet,orlando dias brazilian jazz quartet at several jazz 
venues in miami'  ,beatriz mulnich,tony botelho jazz quartet , jorge helder 
trio,didier jazz quartet,oscar salas quintet,gabriel vivas brazilian jazz quartet and 
free jazz album projects,david turner jazz quartet, ivo carvalho,gotz kujack,zelia 
cristina,kai sanches brazilian jazz trio at mo jazz cafe ,paul shewchuk, jazz trio , 
heather davis brazilian jazz quartet at tabaco road jazz club,jojo african jazz 
calimba project,juan turros jazz quartet,evaldo tocantins,danuzio lima brazilian 
jazz and choro duo free jazz collective albums' ,azael rodrigrues brazilian jazz 
quartet and free jazz albums',  pepe aparicio jazz trio ,maestro sergio tavares 
brazilian jazz duo ,vanessa fallabella brazilian jazz quartet ,lilian vianna brazilian jazz quartet, maestro severino jazz trio with martinho'  jazz quartet,bill pace brazilian jazz trio , paulo noronha brazilian jazz trio , ricardo vasconcellos brazilian jazz trio, ,lisa torres brazilian jazz quartet with bassist manepatino,,,,zequinha galvao with quattour jazz group,julinho do samba at national theatre ,jamelao at the gaf jazz club,gloria maria at live chorao with erivelton lula galvao and gil on 
bass, ,mauricio tapajos at london tavern' ,daniel junior brazilian jazz trio, alan do 
trombone brazian jazz quintet ,maria alcinda concert in miami, ,zambinha jazz 
quartet and sala funarte ,angela regina live brazilian jazz quartet  at chorao and 
amigos bar,magrus borges jazz quartet with claudio spievack at the new world 
cafe nightly ,grupo moleque de pe, cezar santana,moco jair coelho brazilian jazz 
quartet featuring preta on vocals,   ,erica norimar and brazilian explosion at bay 
side miami nightly ,marcelo coelho brazilian jazz quartet recordindings at UM and sosfreejazz projects. ,mike bordelon brazilian jazz trio,elenice maranense piano trio with renato vasconcellos at national theatre  ,oswaldo amorim brazilian jazz quartet live with rebeca on vocals, renato vasconcellos,juarez ,neguinho do
 samba miami concert,raquel lima brazilian jazz singer  quartet with paulo cezar 
on drums tico bass, carlinhos percussao live at edson hotel and many venues in south florida, duo in several places ,beting jazz chique,leo nobre (bass) jazz trio at savoy hotel miami beach' ,portinho, jorge helder brazilian jazz trio and quartet in many clubs' ,bene percussao, carlinho pandeiro,rita de cassia brazilian jazz trio at miami copacabana jazz club' , rebeca,pepe aparicio brazilian latin jazz trio, , abolicao capoeira group,ico monzzanero jazz singer and tap dancer quartet ,cinart schooll group at dulcina theatre ,tony and honey,victor morgado,gamela,gilsonvoz de ouro,roberto rodrigues brazilian jazz at cocowalk and copacabana jazz club'  charles aravena brazilian cocktail jazz parties' , Dr Wheeler and the  coup music school live at public  libraries  ' ,rosemax and ramatis moraes live at van dyke on the beach with bassist dom wilner, and azael rodrigues on drums ,marquinho moura miami concert  ,randy singer (harmonica)and brazilian jazz  trio '  ,mariana moraes brazilian  jazz trio with james ousley on bass,sammy sarkis,roberta davis in Orlando Fl , pedro paulo,ivan zervigon brazilian latin jazz trio,jamie ousley brazilian jazz trio  with vocalist, paulo cezar 
(pc),  ettienne fuentes with brazilian jazz quartet'  , victor morgado live at torre hotel (Br),nelsinho batera jazz trio  live in (Br),miltinho e 
jurema live in orlando Fl' ,puerto rico duo direct ,paulinho guitarra,sergio galvao e alfredo paixao brazilian jazz quintet' ,atilano muradas,renato 
vascocellos ,renio quintas,sirlene,candinho batera, ,paulo gualano and latin 
sounds, madafo, ,, rita rosa , sergio caiozo (bass), itamar moreno brazilian jazz quartet live in brazil' ,   special thanks to  pianist mike gerber my room mate for a while who gave me so much 
inspiration  to name a few sos free jazz recording  artists whom collaborated in 
the albums :

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