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.MARCELLO MAGLIOCCHI_drums/percussions/instant compositions Musical explorer, has performed and recorded in many and variated musical universes in addressing different languages such as jazz, the instant composition, live music for silent movies, and more, interacting with the worlds of dance, theater.

His personal language based roots in musical experiences had in the 70s, with reference to both the tradition of drumming African American experiences of that period - and following - the vision of the European avant-garde.

Currently its rhythmic timbre research takes the form of sound experiences with musicians from around the world by participating or organizing different ensemble of improvisers, video materials, electronics. He worked with resounding sculptures( with M° Tullio De Gennaro and M° Andrea Dami ). He collaborates with U.F.I.P.Cymbals / Pistoia - IT Taught at Conservatorio di Musica di Bari, jazz drums level 2 on 2004-2006, and has had collaborations at Conservatorio di Musica N.Rota - Monopoli , he teaches at Accademia di Musica B.Bia ( agreement with Conservatorio di musica P.I.Tchaikovsky-CZ/IT ). Art director for jazz clubs and for Teatro Jazz Fest. ( Lecce '98-'99 ), Fonomanie Impro. Music Fest. ( Bari 2003 - 2005 ), Fonosextant - Monopoli 2007, Fonosextant-Bari 2011/2012, Experiment#1 & #2 ( 2013- 2014 )Clockstop Noci Open Call Fest 2015, Clockstop Noci fest. 2016, Clockstop Fasano 2017, Clockstop Fasano 2018. Work in Juke Box all'Idrogeno (Teatro Abeliano/Prometeo Prod.2001-2010 and on new edition 2016 ). He composed, performed instant music for "Tumberlain the Great" by C. Marlowe ( Rome, Teatro Colosseo - 2010 ). Have realized resounding sculptures with M.Volpe ( Byo-Faccia - 1987- Time Zones fest. ), with M° Tullio De Gennaro ( RingMantraDan 2002 ), have collaborations with M° Andrea Dami ( last work is "Liquid Reflex"/2013, music for sound sculptures ), and have played in solo concert with sound sculptures by Plensa, Marrocco, Chen Zen. Work with White Noise Generator cultural association, record label, group of audio and visual experimentation. He as made numerous recordings for various labels such as: TACTUS by ICTUS, C.M.C., ENJA, LEO rec., AMIRANI, YVP, SPLASC(h), SOUL NOTE, AFK, IMPROMUZAK, DAME/ Ambiances Magnetique, SILTA, SETOLA di MAIALE, ULTRAMARINE REC., AUDITION REC., Deepwhitesound, SOLAR IPSE IMPROVISING BEINGS,WHITE NOISE GENERATOR, FMR-UK and more. Since 1974 has worked in several projects ( concerts, recordings, jam sessions, etc. ) involving the most significant musicians of jazz and italian artists and improvisers in the world scene as : Mal Waldron, Peter Kowald, Jim Dvorak, Steve Potts, Joelle Leandre, John Tchicai, Beniat Achiary, Carlos Zingaro, Evan Parker, Michel Godard, Tom Varner, Harri Sjostrom, Sakis Papadimitriou, Kent Carter, William Parker, Keisuke Otha, Yasuhiko Tachibana, Junji Mori Hiraku Amemiya Shiro Oonuma Janmah Shimamura NobunagaKen Margatica Dance (Mai) Paul Wacrenier Kenichi Akagi Arata Ogawa Chiho Suzuki EnTee Naoji Kondo Susumu Kongo Chie Mukai Makoto Ito Meg Mazaki Homei Yanagawa Take-Bow Kei-K Mako Kimata Susanne Hafenscher ( MaCu ) Yoram Rosilio, Ninni Morgia, Phil Gibbs, Willy Van Buggenhout, Mauro Sambo, Tom Jackson, Claude Colpaert, Claude Parle, J.J.Duerinckx, Philo Langlet, Gary Smith, Paulo Chagas, Mia Zabelka, Juan Castanon, Bruno angeloni, Joao Pedro Viegas, Matthias Boss, Christian Burchard ( Embryo ), Paulo Curado, Maresuke Okamoto, Naoto Yamagishi Tristan Honsinger, Angelica Salvi, Edoardo Marraffa, Joao Pais Filipe, Gustavo Costa, Jean Michel Van Schouwburg, Lawrence Casserley, Marcio Mattos, Daniel Thompson, Adrian Northover, Adam Bohman, Guy Frank Pellerin, Roland Ramanan, Douglas Benford, London Improvisers Orchestra ( LIO ) Paul Hubweber, Yeknur Siringo, Bruno Gussoni, Nicola Guazzaloca, Guillaume Viltard, Kerlox Mask, White Noise Generator, Roberto Del Piano, Benedict Taylor, T.J.Borden, Lauri Hyvarinen, Diego Mune, Bernadette Zeilinger, Jean Demey, Eugenio Sanna, Julian Sparacino Douglas Benford, Sue Lynch, Neil Metcalfe, John Edwards, Silvia Corda Adriano Orrù Marco Colonna, Ivano Nardi, Martin Mayes, Cheryl Banks ( contemporay dance ), Granteatrino di Pulcinella ( puppet theater ), Potevano Essere Rose ( theater group ), Shai Holsaert ( indian dancer ) Norontako Bagus Kentus ( indonesian dancer ), M° T. De Gennaro ( sounding sculptures ) M° A. Dami ( sounding sculptures ), Collettivo di Musica Improvvisata, Fonolite, Mario Volpe, Ma.Ma. Quartetto, Carlo Actis Dato, Vittorino Curci, Pino Minafra, Bari Symphonic Orchestra, Roberto Ottaviano, Piero Leveratto, Koinè, Gianluca Petrella, Giuseppe Bassi, Nico Morelli, Salvatore Bonafede, Gianni Lenoci, Tactus Ensemble ( project on tango ), MATO Quartet, Juke Box all'Idrogeno ( theater ) Meridiana Multijazz Orchestra, Canto General, Sextant, Drums in motion, Open Orchestra & J. Tchicai, Paolo Dalla Porta, Roberto Bellatalla, Antonello Salis, Irene Robbins, Robin Kenyatta, Gianni Gebbia, Eugenio Colombo, Claudio Fasoli, Tino Tracanna, Flavio Boltro, Michel Audisso, Aldo Bucci, Bob Mover, Bruno Marini, Enrico Rava, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Mariapia De Vito, Gianna Montecalvo, Davide Santorsola, Cinzia Eramo, Horst Grabosh, Nicola Stilo, Franco D'Andrea, Paolo Fresu, Stefano Bollani, Gianni Coscia, Steve Lacy, Francesco Mancinelli, Stefano Battaglia, Paolo Damiani, Stefano Giust, Sandro Satta, Georgia Silleou, Ashi Ozaka, Domenico Caliri, Manu ( Manela Barile ) Gianluigi Trovesi, Pierre Favre, Radu Malfatti, Henry Miller, Holysmoke, Kar ( Marco Carcasi ), Gianni Mimmo, Chris Iemulo, Angelo Contini, Tim Trevor Briscoe, Harry Miller, Mark Charig, Radu Malfatti, Alen Grassi, Mauro Rolfini, Roger Turner and other guests.

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Some Reviews:

SEZU_Marcello Magliocchi/Adrian Northover/Phil Gibbs/Maresuke Okamoto http://www.adriannorthover.co.uk/Sezu_reviews.html

THE RUNCIBLE QUINTET_Marcello Magliocchi/John Edwards/Adrian Northover/ Neil Metcalfe/Daniel Thompson

GIANNI LENOCI QUARTET With WILLIAM PARKER_ SECRET GARDEN_SILTA Rec. CD / 2011 Gianni Lenoci - prepared & unprepared piano & mbira, William Parker - double bass, Gaetano Partipilo - alto sax and Marcello Magliocchi - drums. This disc was recorded live in Italy in February of 2010 and all of the pieces were composed by Gianni Lenoci. The saxist here, Gaetano Partipilo, you might recognize from various discs on the Soul Note and Auand labels. The title track is first and features a sly, simmering melody with Mr. Partipilo slowly bending each note of his sax as he plays the theme and takes a sublime yet spirited solo. Mr. Lenoci also takes a fine, laid back piano solo which reminds me of the way Dollar Brand used to play those sunny South African songs. For "A Palindrome Life" Lenoci sounds like he is playing a harpsichord when he puts something inside the piano. Even with those bent, muted notes in the center of the keyboard, Lenoci's piano solo here is completely mesmerizing! Gaetano's bittersweet tone sounds great as he sails through "Two Days in Amsterdam" with Lenoci sparkling layers of lines underneath. The longest and perhaps best piece is called "Mbira". It does feature an African thumb piano when it begins and sounds like the natural sounds of an African village. The quartet move into a hypnotic, repeating line groove which features Lenoci's exquisite prepared piano and Partipilo's swell spiraling alto solo. William Parker's mighty bass fits perfectly in this quartet throughout, a righteous choice indeed. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

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History of drum and percussion instruments. Uses and techniques. Jazz cymbals and other metal idiofoni. History,construction processes,techniques. Improvisation and instant composition

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