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Ludmil Krumov is a Bulgarian guitarist, tamburist, composer, educator specializing in Contemporary Jazz, Bulgarian Traditional Music and World Jazz. Regarded as one of the most talented Bulgarian guitarists of his generation, Ludmil performed with international jazz artists such as: Branford Marsalis, Ralph Peterson Jr., Ryan Hanseler, Owen Hart Jr., David Berkman, Reggie Washington, Yaniv Nachum, Michael Varekamp, Hans Mantel, Lucas Van Merwijk, Joris Teepe, Teodosii Spasov, Peyo Peev, Antoni Donchev, Dimitar Bodurov, Vladimir Karparov, Borislav Petrov, Dimitar Liolev, to name a few. His guitar style incorporates wide diversity of techniques such as sweep and alternate picking , rich articulation and dynamic phrasing. Technically fluent, he uses the entire neck of the instrument to play lines involving horizontal and vertical melodic approach, wide intervals and modal diversity in a virtuoso way without compromising musicality. His improvisations incorporate the language of bebop, modern jazz and blues spiced up with Bulgarian traditional ornamentation and complex additive rhythms. Based both on Jazz and Bulgarian traditional music and influenced by other genres and traditions such as Indian, Turkish and Classical Western European, his music works are compositionally challenging, featuring improvisations over sophisticated harmonies in additive meters. Ludmil began playing piano at the age of six in Svishtov (Bulgaria) where he was born and raised. He grew up in a musician’s family – his father was a saxophonist / trumpeter and provided his son with a music environment from the very beginning of his life. Ludmil began playing guitar when he was 14. He came a long way from playing with pop, blues, rock and dancing entertainment bands, to getting interested in fusion and jazz. In 2001 he was accepted to Berklee College of Music /Boston winning the B.E.S.T. award for original composition. In 2007 he graduated from the Prince Claus Conservatorium / Groningen / the Netherlands. There he studied guitar with Anton Goudsmit, Winfried Bouma, Ron Jackson, Martien Oster, Frank Wingold and Freddie Bryant. In addition to that he had classes and ensembles with the American guest teachers in the school – Conrad Herwig, David Berkman, Brian Lynch, Ralph Peterson, Sam Burtis, Don Braden, Dena De Rose, and Steve Davis. In 2009 Ludmil obtained a Master of music degree from CODARTS Rotterdam, where he studied with Paul Hock, Ronald Schmitz, Ed Verhoeff and Peter Nieuwerf. ……………. “Ludmil was one of my best students, and I have to say that I learned as much from him as he did form me! Brilliant, creative, soulful, intellectually probing – Ludmil has it all. The work he’s doing with integrating Bulgarian rhythmic and melodic concepts into today’s jazz, as well as the way that he’s conceptualized Bulgarian music to make it understandable to the jazz player, makes him an important figure in today’s jazz scene. I highly recommend Ludmil in any musical capacity. He’s also a great guy!”

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"One of Bulgaria’s most talented jazz guitarists..." Albena Besovska, Bulgarian National Radio
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Ludmil Krumov who holds Master of Music degree from CODARTS University of the Arts Rotterdam in Jazz Guitar Performance and Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Guitar Performance from Prins Claus Conservatorium Groningen has been teaching guitar technique, general and jazz theory actively since 2000. His teaching credits include private lessons, conservatory classes and clinics at Texas State University (San Marcos, USA), Orange County School of Arts (Orange County, Los Angeles, USA), Los Angeles City College (Los Angeles, USA), CODARTS (Rotterdam, NL), Prins Claus Conservatorium (Groningen, NL), Delft University (Delft, NL), Academy of Music Dance and Fine Arts (Plovdiv, Bulgaria). Ludmil’s areas of teaching expertise include: JAZZ – General jazz theory and harmony: chord scale theory, scales and modes, chord tones, approach tones, tensions, triads, seventh chords, chord progressions and cadences, modulations etc. – Ensemble coaching: playing in a group, instruments – functions and roles, comping, interaction, timing etc. – Improvisational and compositional concepts: motivic development, free playing, patterns, swing, bebop and modern jazz improvisation, variations etc. BULGARIAN FOLK MUSIC – Bulgarian folk music: melodic basics of the Bulgarian folk improvisation, the concept of the movable scale degrees, ornamentation, accents and typical phrasing. – Odd meter rhythm phrasing: specialization in traditional Bulgarian odd meter dance grooves (5/8,7/8,9/8,11/8,13/8,15/8, mixed meters, composition); counting and feeling the dance grooves, typical rhythmic development and phrasing. – Incorporation and application of Bulgarian folk music elements in jazz context (poly-rhythmic phrasing, melodic ornamentation, etc.) GUITAR TECHNIQUE – Guitar technique: sound production, right hand picking techniques, left hand technique, speed and accuracy development, hands coordination, freedom of movement on the fingerboard (single string horizontal playing, vertical position playing, diagonal playing), etc. Along with performing and teaching, Ludmil is working on an ongoing research in the fields of musicology and ethnomusicology

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Album Discography

Recordings: As Leader | As Sideperson

Krivo Sadovsko in...

Ludmil Krumov


Buchimish Blues

From: Cultural Collision - From...
By Ludmil Krumov

Squeak Squeak

From: Cultural Collision - From...
By Ludmil Krumov


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