Linley Hamilton

Linley Hamilton

Musicians | Instrument: Trumpet | Location: Belfast

At the centre of it all though is Hamilton, who, whether on trumpet or flugelhorn, plays with lyricism, exquisite melodic sensibility, emotional nuance and great technical finesse.
—Ian Patteson, All About Jazz

Updated: March 1, 2022

Born: March 17, 1965

Linley is a jazz trumpet player, educator and broadcaster who lives in Ireland. He is also curator at Magy's Farm, a specialist jazz music venue in County Down that has hosted concerts by Jim Beard and Jon Herington, Paul Dunlea with Steve Hamilton, John Donegan Quintet, Seamus Blake and Bill Carrothers, Ari Hoenig, Tom Ollendorff and Conor Chaplin, Paul Booth Quintet and many more. He is also a Doctor of Jazz with specialist research in dynamic contouring as a partner to tension and release. Linley has 5 studio albums as leader:

Up to Now (2001)
Taylor Made (2011)
In Transition (2014)
Making other Arrangements (2018)
For the Record (2020)

He is getting ready to go into the studio to record no. 6 with Adam Nussbaum (drums), Mark Egan (bass), Cian Boylan (piano) and Derek DOC O'Connor (sax). Linley lectures music at Ulster University and hosts the jazz radio show Jazzworld with Linley Hamilton on BBC Radio Ulster


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'Hamilton's solo has an ethereal quality that conveys the vocal line'...London Jazz News 'The focus on superior original material'...The Jazz Mann 'Enjoyable proof that the hard bop flame is still burning brightly'...Irish Times 'A band that readily communicates the fun they had in the studio'...Jazz Journal
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