Kathy Ingraham

Kathy Ingraham

Instrument: Voice / vocals | Location: New York City

Kathy Ingraham’s 'Everlasting Cool' is a winner with Kathy’s takes on tunes you know, but have never heard like this! Kathy is a full throated, emotional singer with a lot of chops and soul.

—Randy Brecker

Updated: September 29, 2022

Born: December 15

Currently preparing to release my third jazz album "Everlasting Cool" with Clifford Carter on piano and arrangements, Steve Pearce on Bass, Joel Rosenblatt on drums, Randy Brecker on Trumpet and flugelhorn, Evan Christopher on clarinet, Will Galison on harmonica and Peter Sachon on cello.. This album pays homage to some great classic jazz tunes. Roy Hendrickson is mixing and Adam Ayan at Gateway is mastering.

I released my 2nd jazz album Paper Doll in July 2020. Tracks arranged by jazz icon Pete Levin featuring New Orleans treasure Evan Christopher on Clarinet (Stardust and Abeille), Joel Rosenblatt on drums, Pete Levin on keyboards and bass. I have also included a new scat version of "Thats What Crazy Lovers Do", (Open the PDF booklet and scat along with me!)"Seraphina Come Spring" featuring an amazing trumpet solo by Don Harris and a really unorthodox jazz/blues album version of the classic "Nature Boy" with Elliott Randall on guitar and Pete Levin on keyboard. The album version of Cherish includes the dulcimer flute coolness of Erik Lawrence.

My single "Little Things" was released June 1 2019. It is a retro 60's pop song that is currently in the Johnny Depp movie "The Professor".  Thank you for all the wonderful messages I receive from you on FB and emails! I hope my music continues to resonate with you. I'm streaming. Thanks for the love! Peace out. Kathy


Press Release 8/22/2022

Kathy Ingraham Everlasting Cool Album Release Date 8/26/2022

Out of this world jazz vocalist and composer Kathy Ingraham returns with the release of her third solo album, Everlasting Cool (08/26/22). Adding to the catalogue of her debut album Cool Night (2017) and follow up album Paper Doll (2020), which are comprised primarily of original works, she wanted to pay homage to the artists who have inspired her as a composer. Maintaining the style that is uniquely her own, Everlasting Cool is her loving interpretation of some favorite jazz standards. The album also features one original composition, “Cyex & Alcyone.”

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