Vlad Makarov

Vladislav Makarov as a musician follows the aesthetic creed of free improvised music. He has developed his own structural method of improvisation.

About Me


Vlad MAKAROV is the free improv musician, painter and improviser cello & guitar. He is the pioneer of Russian new improvised music and Russian alternative art. From the different styles; free improvisation, contemporary classic, new jazz, avant-rock, experimental, noise, electro-acoustic music. Makarov’s aesthetic is not postmodernism but the authentic own language for making the art whole. Makarov as a musician follows the aesthetic creed of free improvised music. He has developed his own structural method and style of improvisation. His music filled emotional pressure of the tragic freedom.

Worked with both Russian and Western alternative music stars; John Fisher, Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser , Greg Goodman, Jim Menesis, LaDonna Smith (USA), Elton Dean, Chris Cutler, Maggie Nichols, Phil Minton , Vladimir Miller, Alex Kolkovsky (England), Erhard Hirt, Martin Teurer, Heinz-Erich Goedecke, Alfred Harth, Hans Schuttler, Martin Verborg, Paul Schwingenschloegl (Germany), Ive Robert, Didier Petit , Misha Lobko (France) Jacques Siron, Markus Eichenberger , Fahrt Art Trio, Duo Fatale (Switzerland), Dror Feiler and “Lokomotiv- Konkret” (Sweden), Ryoji Hojito (Japan). with Russian musicians: Sergey Kuryokhin, Sergey Letov, Sainkho, Valentina Ponomareva, Vjacheslav Gayvoronsky, Alexandr Nesterov, Valery Dudkin, Alexey Aigui, Michael Yudenich, Nick Sudnik, Ed Sivkov, Alexey Borisov, Nick Rubanov, Yury Yaremchuk, Dmitry Kachovsky, Roman Stolyar, Ilia Belorukov o.a. Since 1980 he is performing as solo cellist-improviser and with various musicians. He has been participant of many festivals, actions, concerts of jazz, rock, contemporary and avant-garde music: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Volgograd, Ekaterinburg, Smolensk, Vologda, Arkhangelsk; Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Parnu, Kiev, Kharkov, Minsk, Lvov; London, Berlin, Cologne, Muenster, Dresden, Hamburg, Dortmund, Hagen, Val Poschiavo, Switzerland.

* 1991-92 Music organizer of Smolensk Humanitarian Foundation Festivals and various actions * 1992 Participant of international project “MITROPA EUROPIUM” (Berlin, Podewil with M. Bangerter, M. Nichols, V. Kuchan, T. Stanko a. o.) * 1994 German tour with Moscow Composers Orchestra (Cologne- Hamburg-Kassel-Berlin) * 1995 German tour - The Makarov Quartet (Hagen-Dortmund-Muenster) * 1996 London. The Queen Elizabeth Hall “Unsung Music Festival” * 1998 StPetersburg SKIF 3- Trio V.Makarov-Dror Feiler-M.Yudenich * 1999 Berlin. Pushkin festival * 2000 StPetersburg SKIF 4 Duo Shelley Hirsch - V.Makarov * 2001 StPetersburg SKIF 5 Makarov-Quintet * 2003 StPetersburg SKIF 7 Dark Side of the Sound project * 2003 Moscow tour. Xtra-project with Markus Godwin, Dmitry Khahovsky * 2003 Berlin. Mudd-club. New Russian Project with Paul Schwingenschloegl, Eugeny Makarov,Valia Chesnes * 2004 Moscow FSK < 15 Years After> with Henry Kaiser, John Oswald StPetersburg SKIF 8 < XTRA-trio> with D.Khahovsky& Eugeny akarov * 2004 Berlin Tour MAKARoff DEFRAGMENT feat. JazzKeller Club Vlad Makarov-Gilles Aubry-Evgeny Makarov * 2004 StPetesburg. Art Center “Pushkinskaya 10”- Festival of Independent Art Defragment-Band Makarov-Khahovsky-Davydov-Yudenich Nevember Band Rubanov-Yaremchuk-Khahovsky-Makarov & friends * 2005 StPetesburg SKIF-9 & Moscow FSK MAKARoff DEFRAGMENT Vlad Makarov - Gilles Aubry - Evgeny Makarov special guest Alexey Borisov * 2006 St Petersbourg SKIF-10 Fred Frith- Chris Cutler - Vlad Makarov ( as special guest ) project MAKAROV - SARRAZY - MAKAROV * 2006 St Petersbourg, Cultural centre Pushkinskaja-10 MAKARof BAILEY BAND * 2007 Moscow, Cultural Center DOM. Raw and Cooked: Roman Stolar - VladMakarov - Sergey Letov - Mikhail Davydov * 2007 Smolensk Art media project IN_4MATION * 2007 Ekaterinburg JAZZ TRANSIT: Vlad Makarov - Sergey Pron - Igor Parashchuk - Vitaly Vladimirov - Sergey Belichenko * 2007 Kiev ALEXANDER NESTEROV memorial * 2007 Val Poschiavo, Switzerland UNCOOL-2007


1. Document. New music from Russia. The 80-s. Leo Records CD LR 80 2. Golden Years of Soviet New Jazz vol.III Leo Records CD GY 409/412 2002 3. Valentina Ponomareva. Iskushenie. Melodia C60-28293 (LP) 4. Kings & cabbages. Moscow Composers Orchestra. Leo Records Laboratory Leo Lab CD 005 (CD) 5. Moscow Composers Orchestra & Sainkho. Life at City Garden. U- Sound UD 95027 (CD) 6. Outbursts. Quartet Miller-Makarov-Yudenich-Letov/Sivkov. Ascension Music (MC) 7. Hagen Studio Trio. Makarov-Hirt-Verborg. Ton-Studio (MC) 8. Space-Mythology-Silence. Makarov-Yudenich Duo. Europe+ Studio (MC) 9. Hot Summer in Berlin. V.Makarov - P. Schwingenschloegl - E. Makarov. Extra Records 001 (CD-R) 10. Live in Mudd Club. V.Makarov - P. Schwingenschloegl - E. Makarov. Extra Records 002 (CD-R) 11. Music out of Time. Makarov - Gayvoronsky - Rubanov. Mar Art 009 (CD-R) 12. Music not in itself. Makarov - Aigui - Sivkov - Boys Band Trio. Mar Art 010 (CD-R) 13. Pushkin Vigil. Makarov - Rubanov - Runovskaya - Davydov. Mar Art 005 (CD-R) 14. Invitation to. Makarov - Sherly Hirsch - Erhard Hirt - Greg Goodman - Hernry Kaiser - LaDonna Smith - Phil Minton. Mar Art 008 (CD-R) 15. Caprices for cello and voice. Makarov - Davydov - Ishchenko - Dostaj Mar Art 003 (CD-R) 16. The End of a Belle Epoch. Makarov - Vladimir Miller - Sivkov - Yudenich. Mar Art 002 (CD-R) 17. Vladimir Miller and Quartets. Long Arms CDLA 03052 18 Moscow Composers Orchestra with Sainkho “Portrait of an Idealist” Leo Records CD LR 527 2008


1. Space Mythology Silence V.Makarov - M.Yudenich 1996 2. The End of a Belle Epoch V.Makarov-V.Miller-E.Sivkov-M.Yudenich 3. Caprices for Cello and Voic? V.Makarov-L. Ishenko-M.Davydov- O.Dostay 1997 4. The Hand V. Makarov - S. Letov 1984-88 5. Pushkin Vigil - live at Pushkinskaja 10. Makarov-Rubanov- P.Runovskaja-M.Davydov 6. The Death of Andropov V.Makarov -S.Letov - M. Yudenich 1984 7. A.Kondrashkin A.Kondradhkin - S.Letov - V.Makarov 1983-88 8. Invitation to? Shelley Hirsch, Erhard Hirt,Greg Goodman,Henry Makarov & Friends Kaiser, LaDonna Smith, Phil Minton,Vlad Makarov 9. Music Out of Time V.Makarov-V.Gayvoronsky-N.Rubanov 2000 10. Music-Not-In-Itself DOM projects V.Makarov-A.Aigi-E.Sivkov-Boys Band Trio 2001 11. Middle Russian Exotic Project V.Makarov-N.Rubanov-M.Davydov- M.Yudenich 12. Makarov on Leo-records compilatoin CD Mak-Art 13. Defraghment MAKARoff DEFRAGMENT V.Makarov-Gilles Aubry-E.Makarov 2004 14. Makarov Anthology compilation CD Mak-Art 014 2004 15. Live in JazzKeller XTRAtrio V.Makarov-P.Schwingenschloegl- E.Makarov

Pentagramma Records

1. Vlad Makarov - Serguei Letov. The Hand. Introduction to deconstruction of. 021 CD (S. Letov - alto, bass clarinet, soprano saxophones; V. Makarov -cello) 2. The Death of Andropov/Antonius' Birthday Party (S. Letov - soprano, alto, baritone saxophone, V. Makarov -cello, M. Yudenich - percussion). Recorded in Riga, Latvian SSR, USSR 022 CD 3. Alexandr Kondrashkin. Recordings 1983-1984 with S. Letov and V. Makarov 023 CD 4. Psycho. Vlad Makarov + Sergey Letov. Recorded in Smolensk, October 2002 035 CD 5. Alexandr Axionov, Sergey Letov, Vlad Makarov, Alexandr Kondrashkin in Riga, Latvian SSR, USSR. January 1984 038 CD

www.letov.ru/MAKAROV listen music www.myspace.com/vladmakarov e-mail: [email protected]

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