Valerio Pappi

Guitarist, composer and writer

About Me

Valerio Pappi is a jazz guitarist, composer and writer, based in Ferrara, Italy. He has been studying musicology at the University of Cremona, Italy. Recordings: “Passo Breve” (2001, Z Best Studio) - with P. Ghetti, double bass and F. Petretti, tenor saxophone; “Duet for changes” (2005) - with A. Brunelli, double bass; “Movie From” (2007) – Loop station and classical guitar. Bibliography: Dieci anni (2011, Giovane Holden Edizioni); Il testamento di Marco (2014, Epsil Edizioni); Tecnica armonica per chitarra (2015, Casa Musicale Eco). “La scelta giusta” (2018, Nulla Die Edizioni). “Dieci anni (2018, Nulla Die edizioni). “La vendetta del lago Pacifico” (2019, Il seme bianco). Since 2015 he is the art director of the 7 Virtual Jazz Club.

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