Steve Olson

A drummer, percussionist, band leader, composer and record producer.

About Me

Originally from Iowa, Steve lives in Wichita, Kansas.

He currently does solo shows, and performs with other bands. For six years Steve was the drummer for BSQ (the Bob Schwartz Quartet), and led his own free improv group, Th X Trio, in the Baltimore and Washington, DC.

Steve has performed and/or recorded with Michael Formanek, Dave Ballou, Tony Martucci, Anthony Pirog, Susan Alcorn, Jeff Antoniuk, Todd Marcus, and many others. He has released three CDs to date:

Sunday Dust, The X Trio (2018) with Todd Marcus bass clarinet, clarinet, Mark Lysher bass.

The Ruthless Shapes of Paradise (2015) with Denman Maroney hyper-piano, Oscar Noriega bass clarinet, clarinet, alto sax.

Conversations (2014), with Dave Ballou trumpet, Andrew Delclos bassoon, Michael Formanek bass, Jarrett Gilgore alto sax, Todd Marcus bass clarinet, Tony Martucci drums.

He has also served as executive producer for records by Tony Martucci and Jeff Cosgrove.

My Jazz Story

Ed Blackwell, Tom Rainey, Gerry Hemingway, Keith Jarrett, Art Pepper, Baby Dodds, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Johnny Hodges, Ken Vandermark, Wes Montgomery, Stanley Turrentine, Anthony Braxton, et. al.

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