Roger Crane

Roger Crane, the Song Scout, is a song maven who knows who wrote it, from what show/movie, what year and introduced by whom.

About Me

Way back in 1954 I had a girlfriend named Jennie, who liked me but thought that I was way too square. So, in an attempt to broaden my mundane musical tastes, she took me to an LA club called, The Haig, which was across from the Ambassador Hotel to see this cat named Gerry Mulligan. As you longtime Angelenos know, The Haig was a tiny club in a cottage but with a very big sign. In my youthful ignorance I assumed that that this Mulligan guy was some new rock & roll singer. But, as you all know, he was a masterful baritone saxophonist and a mover & shaker in the so-called West Coast jazz or Cool Jazz movement. Well, I loved Mulligan and his now-famous pianoless quaret and I've loved melodic jazz ever since, I thank you Dear Jennie, wherever you are. Next to listening to jazz, cabaret, and good pop music, my favorite activity is talking about it and writing about it.

My Favorites

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