Robert Bullington

Robert Bullington produces two hours of jazz music and interviews from Front Row Seat Productions’ studios in Hamilton New Jersey.

About Me

Robert Bullington holds a B.M. from Loyola University, New Orleans, and an M.M. from Boston University. He has been performing vocal repertoire with leading pianists, orchestras, choruses and chamber ensembles for over twenty years, and has been recording professionally for many years.

Mr. Bulllington has served as President of the Music Club of Princeton, New Jersey, and on the Board of Directors of the Lotte Lehmann Foundation. He has organized numerous musical competitions, and understands the qualities needed for musicians to be heard and noticed. He approaches every client recording session with the sensibilities of a fellow performer, as well as the technical expertise of an experienced recording engineer.

Robert Bullington produces “Jazz Discoveries”, two hours of jazz music and interviews, which airs every fifth Sunday, from 8-10 PM, EST in HD on 89.1 FM, in Mercer County NJ. “Jazz Discoveries”, which is produced in the Front Row Seat Productions’ studios, can be heard on Cable/FIOS channels 26 or 20, or streamed at

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