Randall Robinson

Longtime Hollywood Cinematographer, began his showbiz career as a jazz drummer, literally growing up on a sound stage.

About Me

The California native began his career as a jazz drummer. He played with clarinetist, Jack Schaeffer in the Gages Rages Dixieland band, toured the United States and Canada for many years with Phil Moore's Big Band, playing opening day at Disneyland, returning regularly for several years and performed on the Steve Allen Show. Robinson was Tympanist in the Huntington Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Paramount Studios conductor, Constantine Bakaleinikoff. Sang bass in the Spartan Madrigal Group under Dr. Jeffers, performed live on Los Angeles Radio and recorded several albums. Randy formed a folk group playing the long neck Vega banjo along with Bruce Andre. Was a session musician recording and playing gigs with the well known blues keyboard and song writer Dave Ingram.

Randall has had a long successful career as Hollywood cinematographer, working for the major studios. He has worked on many well know musical films as Hal Ashby's Bound For Glory (Oscar: Cinematography 1976), The Buddy Holly Story, You Light Up My Life, Foxes, Stony Island, Welcome To L.A. and Neil Diamond: Love at the Greek. He has shot commercials with some of the greats as Stevie Wonder, Billy Preston, Herbie Hancock and Lena Horne at the Coconut Grove.

Robinson was president of the Society of Operating Cameramen, founder, publisher and editor of the Operating Cameraman Magazine.

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