Peter Oliver

About Me

I tend to be on the Sidelines these days although I was an OK Guitarist and Bass player. I loved playing live, so as a result I was only once involved in recording as a member of an Indie Group, which was a fun departure from my normal Jazz Roots. An incident in 2001 with a drunken driver curtailed my playing, so I now provide a little help and a few ideas for a few other players, which along with my research keeps me pretty busy Anyway!!! At the moment Life is good. I have family and friends. I own my own home, and I have a small business that pays the bills so I am really fortunate. Even so! I would love to experience that special connection with an audience and other players again. I am slowly making progress toward that goal and as an offshoot hope to upload some tunes. I won't be good enough to out full time but it would be “amazing” just to have another “bite of the musical cherry” and be there occasionally playing again. In the meantime Sites like AllAboutJazz - Facebook - Twitter and Youtube also Reverb Nation - Makin' Music NY - etc, provide Amazing links and are really Fun & and great therapy. I am meeting some amazing people and it's also keeping me up to speed with what is happening in jazz music. So that's Really Cool!!! Will I play again? - que sera sera - OR - Quel que soit sera - watch this space!

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