Nat Seelen

Nat plays woodwinds and writes about music in and around Boston.

About Me

Nat plays woodwinds and writes about music in and around Boston. He has performed in venues from the Regattabar Jazz Club to the Kennedy Center and can usually be found with a clarinet or a pencil in his hands. Nat is a contributing writer for the Boston Herald's music section and All About Jazz.

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2017-08-03

So I remember being at the Regattabar Jazz Club, in Cambridge. I must have been fifteen years old, something like that, and my parents brought me to see Branford Marsalis and his quartet. That was when Branford was touring with Tain Watts, Joey Calderazzo, and Eric Revis, and they were playing "A Love Supreme." We had the original on LP back at the house (I know - this was in the early 2000s, but we still had it on LP!), and Branford's band was just killing it on stage. Anyway, Watts was doing his best Elvin impression in "Pursuance" when Branford gave his colleagues a sly look. Watts's eyes were closed! As the energy in the room pushed higher and higher, Marsalis, Revis, and Calderazzo quietly left through the side door. The Zildjians erupted with the touch of Watts' sticks and as we hit the climax of his solo, Watts' eyes blinked open to find himself alone, on stage, flipping lightly into time in front of two hundred lucky guests. Oh come on!

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