Mercedes Nicole

My Jazz Story

I love Jazz because it opens up a world of beauty and power. I can connect with other amazing human beings, and even animals. Music transcends all artificial barriers and helps us connect on a spiritual level. I realize that Joy, Love, Pain, Healing, Suffering, Expansion is part of every human experience...and music is the conductor that brings it all together.

My House Concert Story

Headlined at a house Concert in Brussels this past summer...well a wedding really. Language was no barrier. It was a huge mansion with 40 ft ceilings. I had three hours to rehearse with musicians I did not know, but it was divine really. The love of Jazz and music in general was obvious. I enjoyed the way press of the crowd, their spontaneous applause, and expressive delight. Honestly, I could see myself having a summer home in Brussels, and enjoying Europe at least twice a year. The wine, the people, the food, the flow of Europe is intoxicating!

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