Maurizio Comandini

Miles, Jimi, Gil... and all the rest is history / Miles, Jimi, Gil... e il resto e' storia

About Me

Music is my mistress, she is with me all the time. I've been an avid fan since I was a pre-teenager. My first rock concert has been an afternoon gig by Brian Auger quartet (unfortunately without Julie Driscoll). Gary Boyle, Dave Ambrose and Clive Thacker were the band members and the gig took place in Gambettola, late May or early June 1970. The location was just 20 kms from my home, so I went with my tiny motorbike. In 1970 I went in Paris (by train) for 20 days, early September. There I saw the Rolling Stones live, just three days after Jimi Hendrix's death in London. Buddy Guy & Junior Wells were opening for the Rolling Stones. Their set lasted 30 minutes or so and for the last two numbers mr. Eric Clapton (my hero, then) walked on stage to play with Buddy & Junior. Unbelievable. Twelve months after my Paris trip, I took my first plane and I went to England for a two weeks vacation. Tons of music including a free concert by Jack Bruce in Hyde Park (a picture I took that afternoon has been used by Polydor, uncredited, for their “Harmony Row” 2003 CD reissue). The same afternoon I took also pics of King Crimson and some of them have been used, fully credited, in a recent beautiful King Crimson mega box called “Sailors' Tales”. All the pics i took that afternoon in Hyde Park can be found here:

This is the first part of a very long story. Hope to be able to meet you all and tell you the rest ;-)))

My Jazz Story

My advice to new listeners: Listen, listen, listen.

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