Matt Jorgensen

About Me

Matt Jorgensen is a drummer, composer and arranger who formed this band, 451, to combine intellectual and pop musical energies into a fever dream, a cry of our culture's impending future. After three critically hailed recordings and countless performances on both American coasts, Matt and 451 have it all together: their unique sound, the tumultuous yet precise outpourings, that interplay of mystery, romance and passion all mixed together in jazz unmoored from traditional conventions and cliches.

Featuring Mark Taylor and Rob Davis on saxophones, Ryan Burns on fender rhodes and Phil Sparks on bass, Matt Jorgensen +451 have built a reputation as one of the most exciting groups in jazz today. Their 2002 release, Quiet Silence, peaked at #39 on the JazzWeek national airplay chart and received numerous 'Best of 2002' accolades. This year they were nominated for 'Best Jazz Group' by the Seattle Weekly and will release their fourth CD next February entitled, Hope.

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