Los Angeles Jazz Collective

The Los Angeles Jazz Collective is a group of Musicians working together to build a stronger jazz community within Los Angeles. Through cooperative effort and education, we seek to promote our work and generate greater public appreciation for improvised m

About Me

The LAJC is an organization dedicated to the promotion and display of jazz as an important art form, with the intention of providing a forum that will foster greater community among the many artists who consider jazz to be their main form of expression. A main goal of the collective is to promote regular events throughout Southern California that feature music by member-artists, as well as music from notable guest performers and music from student-led ensembles from local area schools. The LAJC was co-founded by jazz saxophonist Matt Otto and jazz pianist Gary Fukushima, and it’s membership includes many of the area’s talented younger artists, including organist Joe Bagg; saxophonists Matt Zebley, Robby Marshall and Damon Zick; drummer Jason Harnell; bassist Ryan McGillicuddy; trumpeters Brian Swartz and Josh Welchez, and guitarists Steve Cotter, Jamie Rosenn, and Mike Scott. There are currently over 40 members and the LAJC continues to expand its membership each month . The collective has held meetings several times each month since November of 2007 and has already established a strong sense of community within the membership. Many members are on the faculty at various colleges and schools, and the collective aims to integrate enthusiastic students into this community. The LAJC aims to be a catalyst for those who play modern, creative jazz to represent the pioneering spirit that is the essence of the jazz tradition. The collective is compelled to live out that spirit by forging ahead in it’s members’s own compositions and performances. .

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