Kyle Simpler

Jazz record collector

About Me

I took lab band when I entered college, and the professor told us that we needed to quit listening to as much rock and start buying more jazz records. Since I was already addicted to buying records, this seemed like an ideal way to legitimize my spending. After all, when a teacher tells you to do something, you should do it, right?

A lot of time has passed since then, but I still buy a lot of records. I also started learning jazz guitar a few years ago, and that's been a great experience. Oh yeah, when I'm not listening to or playing music, I teach High School English.

My Jazz Story

My first exposure to jazz was in middle school band, but I didn't get seriously interested in it until I went to college. I listen to a lot of different jazz styles, but I especially dig jazz guitar. The best show I ever attended was Max Roach, and Jimmy Smith would be a close runner up. My advice to new listeners: there's not going to be a test—just have fun!

My Favorites

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