Kelly D. Adolph

About Me

I am a published author/poet, and freelance writer. I published my first novel in 2005 titled “Perilous Times of a young Black Woman”. I work full time for BCO Media, Inc. as a Artist Manager for jazz recording artist Brian O'Nea, Rocker, Lemon James, Neo-Soul, Kafi, Hip Hop, Jamis. I also produce, direct, edit, and write music videos.. A woman of many hats, and love them all. I'm a pretty laid back person.... somewhat reserved at times... I'm an observer... However, I like to surround myself around people who are opposite of me. I love outgoing, funny, extremely funny people who love life, and not afraid to live it. They bring the silly side of me out... I'm not much of a talker unless you touch on a subject that I'm very passionate about, but I adore people who love to talk... that's so cool to me, you learn so much... smile

My Favorites

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