Kath Stott

I'm Kath, and I enjoy spending my days outdoors and my evenings listening to good music.

About Me

Born- Fleetwood, Lancashire. Once a busy deep-see trawler port, now a lot quieter. Education- Fleetwood Grammar School, then Bradford University 1974-7 Work- Almost retired after selling my Optometry business near Leeds. Now work a few days as suits as a locum. Home- Bentham, a market town beween the Lake District and the Dales, on the Yorkshire'Lancashire border Married- to Barrie for 40 years. No children Hobbies- In addition to Jazz, walking, cyclig, and skiing. I'm about to get an electric bike so I can keep up with Barrie! Charities- Vision Aid Overseas. Aiming to reduce poverty in Africa through providing access to sight tests and glasses.

My Jazz Story

My route to discovering jazz is probably typical, starting with Weather Report and other fusion bands in the 70's and seeing where references took me. My favorite jazz instrument is piano, either solo or in classic trios and quartets. I like space in music, not a lot of clutter. Its good that Jazz is in such a healthy place now, with a growing and younger audience.

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