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Justin Chart

Blasting Bursting Billowing Forth with the Power of Ten Billion Butterfly Sneezes

About Me

Justin, a Trailblazer of the Modern West Coast Free-Jazz Sound, has a unique edge, the vibe is

instantly seductive and familiar, he is known in West Coast Jazz

circles as

“The Blizzard”. because of his explosive playing and intricate compositional changes.

Captivating. Intriguing. Evocative. Just a few of the words that describe the experience of listening to

Justin Chart's jazz albums. Chart gracefully and without inhibition bares his soul in his music, inviting

us to join him in experiencing a depth of emotions. Sometimes the journey is slow and sultry, other

times it's jaunty and irrepressible. What intrigues me is that each track is 100% improvised in the

moment. Improvisation is obviously at the heart of jazz, yet jazz musicians typically start with a

melody which they already know. Chart takes improv to a new level. He selects a key and a tempo.

Then it's instant creation by Chart and his band. What's even more amazing is that the synergy

between Chart and his band makes the transitions between soloists seamless, creating music that

sounds like it was coordinated in advance. That's what so intrigues me about his music. What does it

take to be able to let yourself be so in the moment that you can compose on the spot while

coordinating with such ease with the other members of the band? Obviously, it's much more than

technical skill - which Chart and his band all express effortlessly. Justin Chart is an artist of intense

vision. Kudos to Chart and his band for their willingness

to be completely in the moment, allowing their energies to combine with the energies of their

listeners, to create music which taps into and expresses those energies to create such a sublime

listening experience.

With a harmonic edge deeply rooted in the jazz lineage, musical expressions stand out as distinctly

modern in color and style

A Saxophonist, composer, producer, and vocalist Justin Chart likes to play by his own rules. He’s a

visionary who has learned to listen to inner voice. Steeped in


and grounded in the lessons learned from Life, Justin is not afraid to push himself and his art forward.

A true Renaissance man reaffirms this credo on his 11th

album as

a leader and an Innovator. His band's release COLORSTORM was in the ITunes top 10 releases of


His commanding presence, on stage and off, reflects his musical ingenuity and skill. With an

outstanding pedigree, both professionally and academically, Justin is a

saxophonist to watch, as evidenced by many of today’s biggest names in music relying on his wide

musical reach.

With a wealth of awards, accomplishments and accolades behind him in fields spanning the music

industry and a host of genres, Justin Chart, a consummate


composer, and producer, continues to venture where his talents & Intuition take him.

It is not easy to create music that effectively unites the powerful charge of unbridled energy with the

tender emotions of the heart and soul, but Justin Chart is a


artist with a rare talent for making magical music.

A native of Los Angeles, Justin is in love with his native city… and has proven it with, to date, six

versions of Los Angeles the Song. It’s an upbeat love song to his


one that resonates with many who view his videos on all platforms of social media… with well over

11 Million viewers on You Tube Justin Chart has written the


for Los Angeles.

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because it enables a sense of freedom with the "in the moment" melodies and phrases that occur, different each time, keeping the music alive. I especially love the interplay that can occur with musicians who are truly listening to each other at a deep level, listening and then responding and creating a soul connection together whether that's with burning bebop lines or, in playing a soulful ballad. Jazz combines creativity from the mind, heart, and the gut. It flourishes through structure and even more so through Non structure and uses melody and rhythm to bridge the musician's creativity and the listener's imagination. It is unpredictable and it is never the same way every single time. I don’t even think it is possible to play any selection the same way two consecutive times. I really like the fact that it is that way. It definitely keeps my interest, because of it. I thrive on the spontaneity with discipline it demands. I am thankful I have the ability to communicate so many stories through rhythm, textures and emotions. There is a freedom and a sense of exhilaration in Jazz that is not found in any other music. Jazz is about finding freedom and a personal voice within a structure, and that is what appeals to me most. I had a late start in jazz, it has invited me in with open arms. I am a musician. I feel it is the highest order of expression, because it's honest. The older I get and more deeper submerged into Jazz and all it's sub genres I become, the more I fall into it's all encompassing arms and it's rhythms become my daily rhythms and help form and inform my routines. It is creative expression, freedom, community and humor. My house is a Jazz house. Jazz is the sound of freedom!

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