Jon Sheckler

A new talent based in Seattle.

About Me

At a young age Jon Sheckler is proving to be a well versed musician and a up and coming band leader in the Seattle area. As a drummer, Jon has had the opportunity to play with some of today's leading players including trumpeter Clay Jenkins, award winning vocalist Catherine Jensen-Hole, Chicago bluesman Al Rowe, and Seattle jazz luminaries Chad McCullough, Reuel Lubag, Mark Taylor, Jay Wienstien, Darrius Willrich, Jim Cutler, Todd Delgudice, Ryan Keberle, Rob Tapper, Jonathan Pugh, Dan Keberle and percussionist Micheal Spiro. During his time at the University of Northern Colorado he has performed with distinction with Jazz Lab II, Percussion Ensemble I, and the University Wind Ensemble. Jon also performed at the First United Methodist Church in Seattle, WA.

Jon was recognized as an outstanding musician at the 2010 UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival and was nominated as a Rising Star at the 2010 Inside/Out Jazz awards presented by Lucid Jazz Lounge and J&J Music. His composition “Water Marks” won the undergraduate portion of the 2009 UNC Jazz Composers Contest. As an educator, Jon has been a faculty member at Day Jams Rock Camps, as well as an instructor for Musical Minds Keyboard Club. Jon also directed the Bellevue High School Jazz Band II as well as teaching privately.

In Seattle, Jon has performed at the Bellevue Jazz Festival as a guest performer with the Bellevue High School Jazz Combo along with featured performances at Tula's Jazz Club, Egan's Ballard Jam House, Lucid Jazz Lounge, Faire Gallery Cafe, Locol, the Seamonster Lounge, and the Joowanaroo Music Festival in Maple Falls, WA. Also, Jon has regularly been featured and frequently hosted jam sessions at Lakeside Bistro in Seattle. The Jon Sheckler Group, featuring Robin Cain (b), Seth Ahnert (p), and Devin Duval (ts), was chosen to perform on the radio program “Sonarchy Radio” in 2010. Jon also debuted a new suite on Sonarchy in 2013 titled “Bodies of Water” written for octet featuring Bren Plummer, Jory Tindall, and Reuel Lubag among others. With the release of “Cable Street,” featuring Darrius Willrich and Nathan Parker, Jon will become a featured artist for Critical Sun Records. He is also working with Critical Sun artist Jackie Sullivan.

Jon has a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies from the University of Northern Colorado.

My Jazz Story

I have played sports, written stories, tried to make movies, and done a bunch of other activities meant to foster creativity, but none of these things have excited me the way jazz has. It wakes me up. It makes me smile when there is nothing to smile about. My knowledge of the world was created through jazz colored glasses. Having been a professional for several years now, I realized that other music is fine, but jazz is what truly excites me. It speaks for me when my words fail. It challenges me when nothing else can. It comforts me when none will. Jazz is a major part of my life from when I first heard the Count Basie band on record in middle school. There is nothing else I would sacrifice for in this world outside of my family.

My Favorites

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