Jimmy Masters

Bassplayer, bandleader in Mid-Atlantic region

About Me

First call bassist in Norfolk, VA area. Regularly performs with visiting artists for the Virginia Arts Festival Jazz Series. Voted Best Jazz in 2013 for Greater Hampton Roads. Released well-received solo project, When Trees Speak, in 2013. Also featured on Cadence Records release Timely by baritone saxophonist Glenn Wilson and Summit Jazz records release Fluidity by trombonist/bandleader John Fedchock. Can be found playing jazz, bluegrass and contemporary acoustic music/Americana. Has served as executive producer and co-producer on several well-received recordings and served as bassist on over 25 recordings.

My Jazz Story

I have been playing jazz for over 30 years on my 160 yr old beautiful German bass. In that time I have had the opportunity to perform with many jazz luminaries as well as many jazz "heros" of mine. While I have performed on many other artist's projects, and served as producer on several nice records, this is my first recording project as a leader. You can learn more about me by visiting www.jimmymasters.com

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