Jeff Gaeth

About Me

Jeff began playing music at the age of 14 in high school. In addition to private lessons in saxophone, harmony, theory, arranging and composition, he also played in numerous bands in and around L.A; studied with legendary saxophonist Bill Green and attended the University of California at Los Angeles UCLA.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1974 Jeff began his professional career working as a sideman with many “big” names in the music industry and spent a number of years as a “session man” in many L.A. studios contributing to everything from commercials to sound tracks.

Jeff has lived in and contributed to the music scenes in Denver, Colorado Springs, Los Angeles and San Diego.

A native of western New York, Jeff now makes his home with his wife, Denni on the Big Island of Hawaii.

In 2005 Jeff released his first solo album ‘Trade Secrets’. “It was a collection of tunes I wrote through the years that just had to be recorded”. The album has been well received especially in Europe.

Jeff's 2008 CD release ‘Paradise Park’ has found a rewarding common ground through his love for jazz, latin and smooth melodies. “Paradise Park was a satisfying step forward, a musical reflection of my life and personal experiences”.

Jeff’s 2011 CD release ‘Shoestrings’ received a Na Hoku Hanohano award nomination in 2012 and winner of the Big Island Music Award.

Today, Jeff concentrates on new musical projects with his band in Hawaii. He has just release his 4th CD 'Portrait' in August 2014. “In the past few years my style has developed and I’ve incorporated other sounds and genres which have all made their way into ‘Portrait’.”

Those influences have definitely found their way into Jeff’s music. Whilst his grounding came in a more traditional style of contemporary Jazz music...he was always keen to bring something unique to a traditional sound. Jeff refuses to restrict his influences to one genre. Instead, he has been influenced by numerous artists and genres of music from across the globe.

“Portrait is a reflection of those influences over the years and the changes that I’ve experienced recently in my life.”

After dazzling audiences with his live performances over the years, Jeff proves his sound still holds center court.

“My music is the true essence of what I am about...I sincerely hope the listener will be moved”.

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